Most Awesome Mobile Game: Reviews on Junior Three Kingdoms Traditional Chinese Version

SHANGHAI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–少年三國志(Junior Three Kingdoms), a game that unifies elements of
card collection, strategy and interaction, recently received quite
positive reviews on its Traditional Chinese version.


“The overall quality of the game is fantastic. The graphics are
colorful, making the scenes and hero skills look stunning. The
complexity of the game also attracts me, and I have to really study the
game to master it. Strategy plays an important role in the different
game modes but collecting heroes that work well with each other is the
most important thing,” commented the gamer 勇猛赵子龙.

A Mobile 3-D Cultivation and Management Card Game

With four camps and more than 300 3-D warriors to select from, the game
further creates choices by introducing unique combo skills between
heroes while assigning different qualities to them. After the gamer
attains the heroes, he can train, upgrade and awaken the heroes to
directly improve their battle prowess. He can cultivate the strongest
heroes and create the most powerful formation. The only limit is his

A Mobile Game of Strategy and Recreation

Aside from simply collecting and upgrading heroes, Junior Three
has various game modes, each with a unique strategy. The
gamer needs to think, adapt and change their strategies to meet the
challenges presented by the different modes. Strategies required include
but are not limited to picking the right heroes and designing the best
formation. Of course, the game also has some simple modes for those who
want to play it at a more leisurely pace. For example, to conquer
territories, the player just needs sufficient battle ratings and the
reward is his!

A Highly Interactive Mobile Game

Another really fun aspect of the game is that the player can invite
friends and challenge them in combat and form a Legion. To create the
most influential and powerful Legion, the gamer and his friends need to
cooperate well and all contribute to the cause.

“Me and some of my friends formed our own Legion. Each day we set a
target to attack and from this we gain awesome rewards! The rest of the
game is really fun as well, but the interaction between me and my
friends is what kept us playing,” commented the gamer 无敌刘玄德.

In a nut shell, Junior Three Kingdoms challenges the player to
collect heroes, create the best team and tests his ability to adapt his
strategies to win in different game modes. The game also encourages the
player to stay connected with others in order to build his own Legion.
Whether the player wants to play it as a card collection game, a
strategy game or just a game he can play with friends, Junior Three
will definitely be worth his time.


Youzu Interactive
Michelle Zou, 008617713565861