Motif Introduces Investing Without Compromise, Launches Motif Impact Portfolios to Align Personal Values and Financial Goals

68 percent of investors would change their investment decisions if
they knew they violated their values, according to Motif’s national
investor survey

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Motif, a next generation digital wealth and trading innovator, today
introduced Motif Impact Portfolios, the first fully-automated investing
service that aligns investors’ personal values with their financial
goals. Starting today, investors can go to
to create their own Impact Portfolios.

Motif Impact offers an unprecedented level of transparency and control
in an automated investing account. Each Motif Impact Portfolio blends
direct stock ownership with a proprietary investment model built to
feature companies that demonstrate leadership in one of three social
values: sustainable planet, fair labor, or good corporate behavior.
Through a partnership with MSCI ESG Research, the leading provider of
ESG data and analytics worldwide, Motif Impact identifies best-in-class
companies that meet an investor’s personal as well as financial criteria.

“Our research shows that nearly half of Americans would be angry if they
knew their portfolio was not aligned with their values. We created Motif
Impact so investors know exactly what companies they own and can build
wealth without sacrificing their values,“ said Hardeep
, Founder and CEO of Motif. “With Motif Impact we’re leveraging
our technology platform and extending our commitment to innovative,
accessible and fully-transparent financial products.”

In January 2017, Motif conducted a national
to better understand the current motivations of individual
investors. The study revealed that 64 percent of American investors do
not have a clear understanding of their investment holdings, and that 72
percent have no idea whether or not their investments are aligned with
their personal values. Further, investors do not know where to start
when it comes to integrating their personal values with their financial
goals—over half of the respondents noted this as a barrier. Motif Impact
gives investors a way to meet their financial goals without compromising
their values by knowing exactly what their investments are funding.

Motif Impact builds on the company’s award-winning trading platform
centered around motifs—intelligently-weighted groups of stocks based on
themes, investing styles or multi-asset models. Unlike mutual funds,
exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and other pooled investment funds, when you
invest in a stock-based motif, you buy and own the underlying shares of
each security within it. There are more than 150 professionally built
motifs, and more than 250,000 community-created motifs.

To learn more about Motif Impact, please visit

About Motif

Motif Investing, Inc. (“Motif”) is a digital wealth and trading
innovator that simplifies complex investment products and makes them
universally accessible. The company, based in Silicon Valley, allows
investors to trade “motifs”—intelligently weighted baskets of stocks
built around themes, investing styles or multi-asset models—for low
fees. Motif is a registered broker-dealer and a member of SIPC.

Motif was recognized on Fast Company’s list of Most Innovative Companies
in Personal Finance and for the past three years ranked on the CNBC
Disrupter 50 list. The company’s investors include Goldman Sachs,
JPMorgan Chase and Renren Inc. Board members include former Securities
Exchange Commission Chairman Arthur Levitt and former Boston Consulting
Group Chairman Carl Stern.

Investing in securities involves risks you should be aware of prior
to making an investment decision, including the possible loss of
principal. An investment in individual stocks, or a collection of stocks
focused on a particular theme or idea, such as a motif, may be subject
to increased risk of price fluctuation over more diversified holdings
due to adverse developments which can affect a particular industry or
sector. Investments in ETFs can include those with a narrow or targeted
investment strategy and can be subject to similar sector risks than more
broadly diversified investments. Motif makes no representation regarding
the suitability of a particular investment or investment strategy. You
are responsible for all investment decisions you make including
understanding the risks involved with your investment strategy.


Brittany Price, 650-274-0526
Public Relations Manager