MyHeritage Releases Exclusive Book Matching Technology for Family History

MyHeritage users to automatically receive relevant excerpts from
digitized books that reveal information about their ancestors and

TEL AVIV, Israel & LEHI, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MyHeritage,
the fastest-growing destination for discovering, preserving and sharing
family history, has launched today a revolutionary addition to its suite
of technologies: Book Matching. This innovation automatically researches
users’ family trees in historical books with high precision.

In April 2012 MyHeritage launched SuperSearch™, a search engine for
historical records, which has since then grown to include 6.6 billion
historical records, including birth, marriage, death and census records.
By implementing its vision of enhancing genealogy with technology,
MyHeritage then developed a line of unique and sophisticated
technologies that automatically match the records from the search engine
to the 32 million family trees uploaded by its users.

In December 2015, MyHeritage expanded its data collections to include
digitized historical books, with an initial corpus of 150,000 books of
high genealogical value. This collection was tripled last week to
450,000 books with 91 million pages. With a team of more than 50
dedicated curators, MyHeritage aims to add hundreds of millions of pages
of digitized books to the collection each year.

As of today, MyHeritage users will receive matches between profiles in
their family trees and the books from this collection. The Book Matching
technology analyzes the book texts semantically, understanding complex
narrative that describes people, and matches it to the 2 billion
individuals in MyHeritage family trees with extremely high accuracy.
This breakthrough technology is the first of its kind, and is exclusive
to MyHeritage.

Book Matching has produced more than 80 million matches, and this number
will continue to grow as the collection grows and as the family trees on
MyHeritage continue to expand. Book Matching is currently available for
English books, and the technology is being enhanced to cover additional
languages. In addition, de-duplication technology is being added in the
next few weeks to remove duplicate books that have been scanned and
OCRed more than once by different sources.

“No one has ever done this before,” said MyHeritage Chief Technology
Officer, Sagi Bashari. “Our Book Matching technology reads hundreds of
thousands of books for you, every hour, comparing them to your family
tree and pointing you to relevant excerpts about your ancestors with
almost no false positives. MyHeritage is the first to offer full
semantic text analysis in this way, and the genealogical breakthroughs
speak for themselves. You will be amazed at the value of books for your

“I’ve personally seen what this new technology can do, using my own
family tree,” said blogger and lifelong genealogist Leland Meitzler. “It
found well over 500 books with information on my family, most of which
I’d never seen before. All kinds of ancestors and relatives can now be
added to my tree! To say that this new search technology changes
everything would be an overstatement, but not by much.”

Genealogist James Tanner said: “This advanced technology from MyHeritage
opens up a whole new world of research possibilities that were almost
completely unavailable in the past. I have always valued the content of
the older genealogy books because the people who wrote them were
contemporaries with my ancestors. Being able to search these books on a
large scale will change the way most of us have been doing genealogy and
our attitude towards the books that have been there all along but were
not searchable.”

Dick Eastman, of Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter, summed up
MyHeritage’s latest innovation: “MyHeritage Book Matching is like having
a huge library at your fingertips, with a twist; there is a magical
librarian who tells you exactly which books have information about your

Book Matches are available at
and are generated automatically for any family tree built on the website
or imported into it. A Data subscription is required to view Book

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