National Grassroots Movement Redefines Aging in America

Enrich Life Over 50 Establishes DC Chapter to Enhance Quality of Life
for People 50+

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Enrich Life Over 50 (ELO50), a national grassroots movement with the
goal to reverse ageism in America, will establish a Washington, D.C.
chapter focused on the belief that people 50 and older (50+) can be
substantial contributors to the economic growth and social development
of America.

“We appear to have moved from an entrepreneurial to an entitlement
society. The Obama Administration talks about lifting up the middle
class, but very little has been done to enable this ‘middle class’ to be
productively engaged and to contribute to the country’s economic
growth,” says Bill Zinke, 88 year-old Founder of ELO50. “America needs
to return to its roots of independence, free spirit, optimism and sense
of purpose.”

ELO50 has planned a first meeting for its DC Chapter on October 29 at
The Mayflower Hotel from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with excellent speakers
including William H. Webster, Chairman, Homeland Security Advisory
Council and Greg Merrill, President, National Older Workers Career

“The retirement age of 65 was established by the Social Security Act 80
years ago when life expectancy was 30 years less than it is today,” said
Zinke. “One third of the American population today is 50+ and a
substantial majority plan to remain productively engaged well past the
arbitrary age of 65. Our mission is to advocate for this population
segment and reform the ways we think about, how we work with and how we
integrate people 50+ more effectively into the country’s economic and
social fabric.” ELO50 is focused on creating an environment where people
50+ will be encouraged to continue in productive activities that add


With the mission to persuade America that people 50+ are significant
contributors and to reverse the pervasively negative feelings about
ageism, Zinke founded ELO50 in 2014 to regenerate millions of people 50+
in their extended longevity. With the support of academic and business
leaders, ELO50 is forming chapters in 27 major U.S. cities to redefine
retirement and to integrate people over 50 more effectively in the
nation’s economic and social fabric.


Metzger Albee Public Relations for ELO50
Christensen, 720-833-5918