Nebraska Attorneys Johnson and Pekny Expand Services Across Traditional and Non-traditional Family Boundaries

OMAHA & PLATTSMOUTH, Neb.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Recognizing a growing need to protect children, property, and
individuals across a broad range of traditional and non-traditional
family types, Johnson and Pekny have ramped up their family law practice
to support Nebraska families.

According to a recent comprehensive survey by Pew Research1,
less than half of families with children are traditional two-parent
households in their first marriage. The addition of previous
relationships or a complicated relationship status can add to the
complexity of family law cases, but it does not change the need for the
fair and aggressive legal representation of the rights and
responsibilities of those involved.

No matter how families came together, they have the same legal needs
when it comes to protecting children, securing assets, and making sure
everyone is treated fairly during all phases of the relationship,” said
Johnson & Pekny managing partner, Gerald Johnson. “We have prepared our
law practice to make sure that we’re ready when they need us.”

Family law has always been complex. But the demographic shifts detailed
in the Pew Research report show that couples today are dealing with
previous relationships — including marriages. And these previous
relationships often involve children and property. The resulting
complexity can sometimes be used unfairly to derive advantages during a
break-up or divorce when it comes to child support, property, debt
allocation, and visitation.

The path our clients took into the relationship shouldn’t matter. There
is always a right and a fair resolution,” Johnson continued. “It’s our
job to cut through the complexity and aggressively represent our clients
to make sure their rights are protected.”

in America
,” a comprehensive survey covering forty years of
demographic trends, published December 17, 2015.

About Johnson & Pekny LLC
Johnson & Pekny is a team of
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people receive justice when they have been harmed or are facing domestic
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