Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) Announces a $10 Million Gift from The Diana Davis Spencer Foundation

The largest donation in NFTE’s history will launch the
Entrepreneurship Pathway, impacting 200,000 under-served students
annually in the United States by the year 2022

for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)
, the international nonprofit
that equips under-served youth with the entrepreneurial mindset and
skills to succeed, today announced a $10,000,000 gift from The Diana
Davis Spencer Foundation. The largest donation received in NFTE’s
history, this transformational investment will allow the organization to
activate its NFTE 2022 strategy and deepen its domestic impact—reaching
over 10 times the number of U.S. students it currently serves per year,
and hundreds of thousands more internationally.

NFTE 2022 will launch the NFTE Entrepreneurship Pathway, a series of
programs that teach the entrepreneurial mindset alongside startup and
career skills, with students receiving academic and industry credentials
along the way. Pathway programming will be available to both domestic
and international NFTE students. This historic gift is an extraordinary
vote of confidence in NFTE’s ability to equip youth to realize their
potential, as active participants in the innovation economy and drivers
of their futures.

“The overwhelming generosity of The Diana Davis Spencer Foundation is
inspiring and humbling,” said Shawn K. Osborne, President and CEO of
NFTE. “We are honored to be able through the Foundation’s gift to expand
our reach and deepen our impact—forever changing the life trajectory of
young people through the power of entrepreneurship.”

“NFTE truly empowers students,” notes Diana Davis Spencer, President of
The Diana Davis Spencer Foundation and longtime NFTE Board member.
“These students really learn the tools to convert their passion into
businesses and the relevance of academic skills. I’m so excited that one
of our NFTE alums, Rodney Walker, a Yale MBA student, is about to hit
the market with his new book, A New Day One. Somehow, learning to
start a business gives these NFTE students confidence and a certain edge
to own their futures and forge ahead. It’s a win / win.”

With nearly 75 million youth unemployed globally, NFTE 2022 is just the
beginning. NFTE is actively seeking additional resource and funding
partners to equip growing numbers of youth to participate in the
innovation economy and create opportunities for themselves and others.

About Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) is an international
nonprofit that activates the entrepreneurial mindset in young people and
builds their knowledge about business startup. Students acquire the
entrepreneurial mindset (e.g., innovation, self-reliance, comfort with
smart risk), alongside business, STEM, and presentation skills—equipping
them to drive their best futures in the 21st Century. NFTE
focuses its work on under-resourced communities, with programs in 23
locations in 10 countries.

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