New FDA Regulation Allows Dermatologists to Customize Patient Prescriptions

POMPANO BEACH, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Prescriber’s Choice, a Florida-based pharmaceutical company, has created
a new model for dermatological prescriptions where medications can be
customized and dispensed at the time of the office visit.
Prescriber’s Choice model promotes patient savings while allowing
dermatologists the ability to more effectively prescribe.

According to a recent American Academy of Dermatology article “soaring
cost of prescription drugs has generated outrage among physicians and
. Some drugs – even generics – carry eye popping costs, and
health plans are increasingly asking people to shoulder a greater share
of the cost.” As a result, patients are refusing to pay and leaving the
pharmacy without their prescribed medication. This leads to a healthcare
void. Physicians are unable to effectively practice and patients suffer.

Dr. Spencer Malkin, the CEO of Prescriber’s
, is solving this problem by working with doctors to create
customized prescriptions
for their patients
to be dispensed at
the time of the office visit.

“It’s a completely new paradigm that allows the physician and the
patient greater flexibility and control,” Dr. Malkin said. “Instead of
completing frustrating and costly prior authorizations that are
frequently denied or that lead to less effective medications being used,
physicians make better use of their time, knowledge, and skills by
personalizing their patients medications. This changes the convention.
Instead of patients presenting to a pharmacy, dealing with medication
substitutions, and being floored by the out of pocket expenses, they
are able to receive a customized medication directly from their
physician at the time of their appointment
. In addition, it has
the potential to save the healthcare system billions
, as there is
nothing being billed to the insurance carriers.”

Prescriber’s Choice makes it practical for physicians to deliver this
exceptional service at a fraction of the cost.

“It is a win, win, win!” said Dr. Malkin. “The physicians are able to
practice unencumbered by third party payors, patients receive
medications that are tailored for their specific conditions, and there
is substantial cost savings to the patient and to the health system.
This restores balance to a specialty that has experienced a shift away
from the medical practice of dermatology and towards cosmetics and
aesthetics. With the assistance of Prescriber’s Choice, I expect to see
a reversal of this trend.”

Today, this business model is being used in 17 states with plans to
expand nationwide.


Prescriber’s Choice™ is a complete resource for physician
point-of-care preparation and dispensing of customized medications.
Prescriber’s Choice™ physician members personalize medicine in office
and dispense for patients’ specific needs. For additional information,


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