New Groupon TV Ad Campaign Urges People to Go Out and “Own the Experience”

National campaign emphasizes living in the moment through Groupon

(NASDAQ: GRPN) today announced the launch of a national TV advertising
campaign centered around the important role that experiences play in
people’s daily lives and how Groupon can help them find and save on
amazing things to see, do, try and buy in their neighborhood.

The new, multimillion-dollar campaign begins today and will run
throughout the remainder of the year. The first TV spot playfully
celebrates the differences between the “Haves” and the “Have-Dones,”
with the “Haves” being those who fill their mansions with needlessly
extravagant things and the “Have-Dones” being those who enrich their
lives with Groupon through thousands of amazing experiences. Aspire to
collect memories, in other words, not conspicuous consumption.

“We want to help people own the experiences that make life great, and
that starts with the thousands of amazing things to do in and around
their neighborhoods. As the experts in local, Groupon has evolved from a
daily email to a discovery destination, and this campaign highlights
both the breadth of things available on Groupon and the sheer joy of
owning the experience,” said Vinayak Hegde, chief marketing officer,
Groupon. “We’re proud of the daily role we play in our customers’ lives
by connecting them with something that’s been scientifically
to make them happier, and we look forward to bringing that
happiness to millions more.”

The new TV ads, which were created and produced by Groupon’s newly
appointed agency of record O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul (,
will run in :15 and :30-second formats on broadcast and cable networks.
In addition, the spots will air on major programs, including Bones,
Dancing with the Stars, Good Morning America, Jimmy
Kimmel Live!
, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and
The View

“We know there is strong equity in deals, and that’s something Groupon
has long been known for by its customers,” said Nick Paul, president,
OKRP. “But today, experiences are what really matter to consumers and
Groupon excels at connecting them with local places and people that
create real and memorable moments. We saw that as something unique and
ownable to Groupon.”

The campaign will be customized for retail holidays and popular Groupon
categories such as food and drink, beauty and spas and things to do. In
addition to TV, it will expand to other marketing channels in the form
of national radio, print and digital advertising. Mediavest|Spark and
TWO NIL are handling the media buys.

The debut ad can be found at
or the Groupon YouTube

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Bill Roberts