New Hajj & Umrah Travel Medical Kit Now Available

Designed by Muslim medical professionals for pilgrims traveling
for Hajj and Umrah

ROCHESTER, Minn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Hajj & Umrah Travel Medical Kit, designed specifically for the needs
of millions of Muslim pilgrims traveling for Hajj and Umrah, has been
introduced by Rochester, Minn.-based Travel Health and Wellness LLC.

Created by Muslim medical professionals in coordination with a Mayo
Clinic physician, the Hajj & Umrah Travel Medical Kit allows Muslim
pilgrims to quickly and effectively respond to common injuries and
emergencies while traveling. Each year, millions of Muslims worldwide
make a pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. In 2016, Hajj is from Sept. 9
to Sept. 14. Umrah occurs at various times throughout the year.

“Considering the heat and crowds during Hajj and Umrah, minor injuries
and illnesses are common and immediate medical help is often not
available,” said Rashid Fehmi, CEO of Travel Health and Wellness.
“During Hajj, pilgrims stay one night under the open sky, with no
pharmacies or clinics around. The Saudi government provides ambulances,
but they are preoccupied with serious conditions.”

The Hajj & Umrah Travel Medical Kit, which is TSA-compliant, includes
all of the necessities for pilgrims to keep themselves safe while
traveling. Enclosed within an attractive and easy-to-carry case, the
Hajj & Umrah Travel Medical Kit contains items for:

  • Sanitation – hand sanitizer, prep pads and soap
  • Treatment – allergy tablets, antibiotic ointment, chewable
    aspirin, cough drops, diarrhea tablets, fiber tablets, ice pack, oral
    rehydration salts, pain and fever tablets and petroleum jelly
  • Protection – Band-Aids, first-aid tape, gauze pads, gauze
    sponge, gloves, sterile gauze and surgical face mask
  • Other – safety pins, scissors, tweezers

“Unlike regular first aid kits, the Hajj & Umrah Travel Medical Kit is
meant specifically for Hajj and Umrah pilgrims,” said Fehmi, who has
performed Hajj three times. “For example, our kit’s oral rehydration
salts are vital as dehydration is a common condition among pilgrims.”

The Hajj & Umrah Travel Medical Kit is available for $37.49 (a 30
percent retail discount) at

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