New Infographics Compare Cost of Trump’s Weekend Florida Trips and After-School Snacks, Meals on Wheels

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#MealsonWheels–Starting today, Bread for the World will regularly release infographics
illustrating the human impact of President Trump’s proposed
#skinnybudget for fiscal year 2018.

Although full budget details are still to come, there is enough top-line
information to assess the impact of the #skinnybudget on mothers,
children, the elderly, and other vulnerable people.

The first two infographics focus on taxpayers’ costs for President
Trump’s weekend trips to his exclusive Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago, since
becoming president, and how that money could be used to help seniors
receive meals and school children receive after-school snacks.

It costs taxpayers approximately $3.5 million every time Trump spends a
weekend in Mar-a-Lago, according to news reports. Since he became
president, this has reached $16.5 million which is enough to provide
114,583 poor children with after-school snacks for one year. It is also
equivalent to feeding up to 6,000 seniors for a year in the Meals on
Wheels program.

The memes can be downloaded from Bread for the World’s Flickr page at:

School snacks infographic:

Meals on Wheels infographic:

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