New Physician Powered Medical Device Safely Removes Uterine Polyp

PARK CITY, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dr. Keith Isaacson, Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology Surgeon at
Newton-Wellesley Hospital in Newton, Massachusetts, USA was the first
physician in the world to use a new tissue resection device to
successfully remove a uterine polyp.

“We need safe, accurate, and effective medical devices to perform
uterine polyp resection,” said Dr. Isaacson. “The RESECTR is a simple
manual surgical instrument that allowed me to target and efficiently
remove the polyp during this procedure. It provides a benefit to
patients in that the entire polyp can be removed under direct
visualization in a very short period of time without the risk of
bleeding or uterine perforation.”

Tissue resection may be performed throughout the body with numerous
devices and techniques. Uterine polyps are often removed by passing a
small cylindrical medical device, or tissue resector, with
electromechanically activated cutting blades through a long hysteroscope
to target and remove pathology.

“The system was easy to use,” continued Isaacson. “It allowed me to
access the lesion and completely remove the polyp with precision and

Electromechanical tissue resection systems typically involve complex
capital equipment to power rotating blades inside a long cannula. These
cutting blades are attached to expensive disposable hand-pieces that
often result in reduced physician control and feel for the procedure.

RESECTRs are 100% disposable manual surgical instruments with an
innovative cutting tip, novel tissue aspiration mechanism, and unique
blade oscillator controlled by the physician’s hand. No new capital
equipment required.

”The RESECTR is designed to improve safety, speed, and control during
tissue resection,” said Chris Livingstone, Vice President of Sales and
Marketing for the RESECTR platform. “Patients are the real winners here
as the RESECTR can help clinicians ‘see-and-treat’ lesions in the
hospital, clinic, or physician office. We look forward to seeing this
tool help patients during a variety of procedures.”

Clinicians control RESECTR positioning, tissue aspiration, and cutting
with one hand. Proprietary RESECTR cutting blades spin clockwise and
counterclockwise each time the physician squeezes the device handle
allowing them a new level of control and feel during actuation.

RESECTRs manufactured and assembled in the USA for Distal Access, Park
City, Utah. RESECTRs are registered with the USA FDA and protected by 12
issued and pending patents. For more information about the RESECTR, call
1-954-534-9345 or visit


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