New Silver Fern ELEVATED Plan Helps Supercharge Weight Loss by Encouraging the Right Probiotic, High-Fiber Diet

Microbiologist-Guided 7-Step Approach Decreases Bad Gut Bacteria to
Maximize Metabolism and Turn Body Into a “Fat Burning Machine”

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#bacteria–Coupling the “right” probiotics with high fiber and low carbohydrates
reduces bad bacteria in the gut, essentially enhancing any diet for
long-term weight loss, according to the microbiologist behind the new
Silver Fern ELEVATED plan, launched today. The free 7-step plan,
sponsored by Silver Fern Brand with scientific consultation from
microbiologist Kiran Krishnan, encourages the use of probiotics
containing Bacillus strains, the only supplemental probiotics known to
create short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) that supercharge the body’s

“What many believe is a fast metabolism keeping people skinny is really
a gut filled with good bacteria,” Krishnan said. “Fortunately, the bad
bacteria making it difficult for our bodies to let go of the weight—and
keep it off—can be changed by consuming the right probiotics—ones
containing Bacillus strains that actually survive long enough to reach
the stomach—along with a diet rich in fiber and low empty carbs. This
plan can enhance virtually any existing diet as it turns the body into a
‘fat burning machine’ that will help keep the weight off long term.”

The Silver Fern ELEVATED plan, downloadable for free in magazine format
provides educational articles with tips to help consumers lose more
weight and keep it off while still enjoying treats they love. It teaches
consumers how to:

  • Achieve permanent and sustainable weight loss by turning up the body’s
    metabolism and maintaining weight loss long term.
  • Improve gut health, getting rid of bad gut bacteria to reduce sugar
  • Reduce cravings, especially for sugary foods
  • Make an existing diet easier to follow
  • Smash through any diet plateau

Articles within the plan include:

  • 7 Steps to Make Any Diet Better
  • How to Break Your Sugar Addiction Fast
  • Simple Tricks that Burn Your Fat
  • Don’t Buy Probiotics Until You Know These 6 Things
  • How Does Intermittent Fasting Work
  • Why Is Obesity Still on the Rise?

The plan also suggests the best probiotics and high-fiber foods to feed
the probiotics for long-term weight loss, including fruits, grains, nuts
and vegetables, as well as any Silver Fern Brand probiotic,
treat and drinks such as its Pai
, Paka
baking mixes
, Kai
Meal Replacement Shakes
, Tino
Fiber Supplement
, Kakato
and Wai
Probiotic Drink Mix

“Each of these Silver Fern Brand products – even the popcorn – contains
the Bacillus strain of probiotics as well as high fiber, enabling
consumers to enjoy treats they love while still changing their
metabolism for long-term weight loss,” said Charity Lighten, chief
nutritionist, Silver Fern Brand. “As we’ve noticed personally, our
cravings for sweets, at least those with refined, empty carbs, is
greatly diminished the longer we stay on the plan consuming these
probiotics. That means the bad gut bacteria long responsible for these
cravings is being replaced by the good stuff, and consequently, the
weight comes off – and stays off.”

To Learn How to Enhance Your Diet & Supercharge Your Metabolism for
Long-Term Weight Loss, Download the Silver Fern ELEVATED Plan for Free at

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