New Spanish-Language Exercise Program Introduced for Breast Cancer Survivors

Fuerza y Valentía available now through Digital Download and DVD

and Courage
(Fuerza y Valentía)
, a non-profit dedicated
to providing exercise resources to breast cancer survivors so they can
regain physical and emotional strength after treatment, has launched a new
Spanish-language exercise program
, specifically designed for women
recovering from breast cancer.

Developed and introduced in 2008 by Dr. Sharon Cowden, a pediatrician
and breast cancer survivor, and Janette Poppenberg, ACSM/ACS Certified
Cancer Exercise Trainer, the English version has been distributed in
every U.S. state and in 31 countries since its initial launch.

Addressing a critical need

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Hispanic and
Latina women, with close to 19,800 estimated new cases and 2,800 deaths
in 2015, as reported by the American Cancer Society. Recognizing that a
large portion of U.S. breast cancer survivors’ first language is Spanish
— the second most widely spoken language in the world — it seemed a
logical and inspiring next step to translate the program into Spanish.

“After seeing all of the positive results gained from the program’s
United States launch in 2008, we are excited to introduce a new
Spanish-language version geared towards Hispanic breast cancer
survivors,” said Cowden. “Often, I see survivors become even stronger
than before their diagnosis. I am so excited to be able to offer the
same exercises to help in the rehabilitation of Hispanic survivors.”

With the goal of enabling women to return to the life they knew before
breast cancer, the 75-minute video aims toward making physical
rehabilitation a priority in the treatment process, providing exercises
that are an integral part of an effective breast cancer rehab program.

“In eight years we’ve been able to influence the lives of thousands of
women recovering from breast cancer,” said Poppenberg. “Now we’re able
to impact so many Spanish-speaking breast cancer survivors, not only in
the United States but globally.”

Available in DVD or digital download, the program features specifically
designed workouts including posture and post-op exercises, flexibility
instructions, weight trainings and aerobic guidelines.

here to purchase the video.
For more information on Strength and
Courage (Fuerza y Valentía)
, visit

Strength & Courage (Fuerza y Valentía), a non-profit effort, provides
exercise resources to breast cancer survivors looking to regain physical
and emotional strength after treatment. Its goal is to enable each woman
to return to the life she knew before breast cancer by working directly
with survivors and urging health care providers to make rehabilitation a
priority in the treatment process.


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