New Survey by Reveals Brand Vulnerabilities and Opportunities in the Post-Purchase Customer Experience

(NASDAQ:SPRT), makers of cloud-based Nexus® software
for Support Interaction Optimization (SIO) and a leading provider of
tech support and turnkey support center services, today announced the
publication of a new consumer survey report, Connected
Consumers and The Most Personal Brand Experience.”
The report
shows specific areas in which consumer brand loyalty and satisfaction
are most vulnerable following purchase.

Based on a survey of more than 1,000 consumers conducted by
in September 2015, the report provides unique insights into customer
experience with brands throughout the customer journey: from
pre-purchase through purchase, setup and/or use, customer support, and
additional purchases.

The survey found that 57 percent of “Connected Consumers” – respondents
who defined themselves as frequent to heavy users of technology – said
they think about a brand when there is an issue (e.g. defect, technical
issue, setup problem) with the product or service purchased. Further,
when asked about all of their experiences with brands – both before and
after purchase – the largest percentage of Connected Consumers (40
percent) indicated the most memorable brand experiences occurred when
dealing with installation, technical issues and returns.

On the other hand, the survey found that opportunities for brands exist
at all stages of the post-purchase experience. For instance, the same
percentage (57 percent) of the Connected Consumers surveyed indicated
they think about the brand when considering a purchase of any other
product, while almost half (48 percent) think about the brand when
looking to upgrade or replace an existing product.

“With more consumers relying on connected devices, there is an inherent
complexity of technology that can have consequences on the customer
experience,” said Alex Poulos, VP of Marketing at “If this
complexity is not effectively addressed, it can drive a wedge between
the brand and its customers. Companies now understand that every
customer touch point is an opportunity or vulnerability for their
brands. The study clearly shows that customer service and support is a
critical element of the customer experience.”

The survey was conducted to better understand how specific interactions
with companies and products throughout the entire customer journey can
impact consumer trust, loyalty and overall satisfaction. The report
offers valuable insight on the behaviors and preferences of more than
900 consumers ages 18-60 in the United States who identified themselves
as Connected Consumers (89% of the 1,000+ consumers surveyed).

Additional findings published in the report include:

  • 52 percent of Connected Consumers said that efficiency and ease of
    service, support and assistance determines brand loyalty
  • Connected Consumers also expressed clear frustrations with, and
    suggestions for, customer service and support:

    • 24 percent indicated that what frustrates them most about their
      support experience is having to repeat information at each step.
    • 36 percent indicated that more proactive customer service,
      including predictive diagnosis and suggested fixes, would improve
      their perception of the brand.
  • 37 percent of Connected Consumers said a personal experience is
    not only about interaction with a person but also about the brand
    knowing their personal preferences, even during self-service support.
  • 75 percent said they share both positive and negative brand
    experiences with family and friends.

To see the entire set of survey findings, download the Connected
Consumers and the Most Personal Brand Experience
report at:

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