Nobel Peace Prize Winner Prof. Yunus Praises Ajinomoto for Its Sustainable Social Business

Ajinomoto’s Ghana Nutrition Improvement Project since 2009

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Ajinomoto–Takaaki Nishii, CEO of Ajinomoto
Co., Inc.
(Ajinomoto)(TOKYO:2802) met with Prof. Yunus, a Nobel
Peace Prize winner in 2006 and a founder of Grameen Bank, and discussed
about Ajinomoto’s nutrition improvement project in Ghana since 2009,
representing a sublimation of business knowledge and social contribution
of Ajinomoto.

Ghana Nutrition Improvement Project:

“Ajinomoto started the
in 2009 as part of initiatives to commemorate its centenary.
Under this project, we and our partners manufacture and sell a
supplement of weaning food “KOKO Plus”, to address
malnutrition among weaning infants aged between six months and two
years,” said Nishii. “Malnutrition, a serious issue in developing
countries, causes various adverse effects on the physical and
intellectual growth of children. It is said the growth retardation of
children during the period cannot be easily recovered even by sufficient
nutritional intake in the subsequent stages of their lives.”

To overcome a range of problems specific to developing countries like
Ghana, Ajinomoto built a new sustainable business model in a more
effective and efficient manner by forming partnerships to foster open
innovation with the local government and other local stakeholders,
experienced NGOs, international organizations and other corporate

Social Business using company’s specialty:

During the dialogue, Prof. Yunus commented “It’s a good sign. If a
company like Ajinomoto can pay attention to malnutrition, lots of
problems can be solved in much easier way by creating social business.”
He added to say, “What Ajinomoto is doing in Ghana is also an example of
a social business initiative. It is wonderful to use the talent and
creative power of this huge and historically long company. And they will
be inspiring some other food companies.”

Distribution model for the empowerment of women:

In Ghana, there are areas with few retail stores due to the lack of
necessary distribution infrastructure. Ajinomoto cooperated with
international NGOs implementing a program to support the empowerment of
women, to develop a local system for women of each village using VSLA
(Village Savings and Loan Association) to serve as salespersons for the

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