One-of-a-Kind Nonprofit Makes Breast Cancer Survivors Whole Again

My Hope Chest Provides Reconstruction for Under- and Uninsured Women

SEMINOLE, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#BreastCancer–Nonprofit My Hope Chest, founded in 2003, is the ONLY national 501c3
organization funding reconstructive surgery for uninsured and under
insured breast cancer survivors. The program helps survivors that lack
financial means or insurance “co-pays” afford the surgery by matching
them with surgeons that donate or discount their fees for the charity.

Celebrity Spokesperson Ruth Connell from Supernatural is championing the
important mission too. “Reconstruction is such a huge part of the
healing process for survivors. It’s so important to provide a way for
these women to feel whole once more following their life-saving surgery
if they choose to. So painful to think of women denied the choice
because of finance and insurance issues.”

According to the American Society of plastic surgeons, nearly 100,000
women had mastectomies to save their lives in 2011. The exact number of
survivors who can’t afford high co-pays for breast reconstruction is a
big unknown. What is known, however, is My Hope Chest’s wait list
continues to grow nationwide.

“We ALL hope to find a cure for breast cancer,” said Alisa Savoretti, My
Hope Chest’s founder. “We have to address the issue that a huge
population of breastless survivors need our help NOW!
Women that made a gut wrenching decision to choose life over limb live
with emotional and physical scars and a daily reminder of their disease.
Applicants tell us they feel less than whole, unable to heal and move
past their cancer journey. They are desperate.”


  • Breast reconstruction surgery is complicated. It is a series of
    3 surgeries that span approximately 1 year.
  • Costs vary from a cash pay rate of $25,000 to more complicated
    reconstructions, billing insurance upwards of $200,000.
  • In 2011, there were 96,277 life-saving mastectomies recorded by the
    American Society of Plastic Surgeons. My Hope Chest believes many more
    would have reconstructive surgery if they could find a way, but
    they’re not aware there is help.
  • In addition to funding surgery, My Hope Chest provides educational
    resources on breast reconstruction options.

My Hope Chest’s mission focuses on the Celebration of Life and
the back end of the disease. The charity deems October breast cancer
ACTION month, noting breast cancer awareness is not a cause or
formal charity. The organization fights to be heard in a sea of pink
ribbons and to continue to be the solution for survivors, restoring self
esteem, dignity and making them feel whole again.

“It’s simple. Research, education and awareness of the disease are
covered by many, but women still live without their breasts in America;
it shouldn’t be,” stated Savoretti. “My Hope Chest greatly needs money
directed to our mission and invites interested parties to contact us.”

PEOPLE Magazine recently acknowledged the important work that My
Hope Chest is doing for breast cancer survivors. See the story at

About My Hope Chest:

My Hope Chest introduced The “official” Breast Reconstruction Awareness
Ribbon in 2012. The colors represent pink for breast cancer,
transitioning into white the color of wellness and healing and then to
Yellow, representing sunshine and the New Beginnings for breast cancer
survivors. More info at 727-642-4243 or


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