Orion Travel Tech to Start Its Own Airline

No TSA Lines, No Baggage Fees, No Seat Fees, No Ticket Change Fees,
No Hidden Fees, Free Meals, Free Drinks, Free 20 Inch Carry on Luggage
when You Book

ORLANDO, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Orion Travel Technologies, Inc., is the First All-in-One International
Travel Company offering everything travel under one roof, announced
today that it will start inflight services through leased Boeing 727
400s. They will have the capacity of 147 passengers and will fly to the
Caribbean, Central America and South America this October 2016 with its
new Airline called Orion Airways. Orion Airways is the first company in
25 years to offer no TSA lines, no baggage fees, no change ticket fees,
Free Food, Free Drinks, no seat choice fees, no hidden fees, and free
carry-on luggage to each of its passengers. Orion will begin service
with tourism services that are dedicated to large groups who have the
same interests as everyone onboard each plane. Those Tourism will
include LGBT, ECO, Movies, Gaming, Religious, History, Medical, Music,
Sports and Baby Boomer Tourism. Orion will also be booking rental cars,
hotels, vacation rental homes, Tour Guides, International travel
insurance and Sim Cards through their online booking site called Aloha.

Through our Big Data Research, we found most folks traveling today are
afraid and very unhappy with their Domestic Airlines and are not wanting
to fly! They also don’t want to go on their paid vacations! These
Domestic Airlines all know this and are homing in on their customers’
weaknesses and are charging a ludicrous number of unnecessary fees as
passengers feel the airlines don’t care about them any longer! Orion
Airways has honed in on this and has incorporated travel programs to
reflect the vintage days of flying where it used to be fun,” said Gary
German, founder of Orion Travel Tech.

ABOUT ORION. Orion is an international travel technology based
corporation based in Orlando, FL, with a patent pending mobile luggage
ad platform, a social network platform geared towards travelers and 10
inflight programs that make travel simple and fun again! Travelers now
get it all in one place! www.oriontraveltech.com


Orion Travel Tech, Inc.
Gary German, Cell: 407-496-4862
Facebook: Orion Travel Tech
LinkedIn: Orion
Travel Tech