Otis Spunkmeyer Wants You to Celebrate National Cookie Day on December 4

A leading brand in sweets encourages all to take a break and bask
in the enjoyment of eating delicious cookies

, a leader in the sweets industry since opening its first
cookie shop in 1977, is encouraging fans to celebrate National Cookie
Day on December 4. National Cookie Day made the official list
of Food Days
in 1987 and has been celebrated around the world since.

The team at Otis Spunkmeyer first perfected their Chocolate Chunk Cookie
decades ago and have delighted people with its popular cookie for nearly
40 years. People continue to smile when they see Otis Spunkmeyer
Chocolate Chunk Cookies in high school cafeterias, aboard flights, at
hotels, and even in an office vending machine. Earlier this year, Otis
Spunkmeyer pleased crowds by offering a new, conveniently packaged “No
Funky Stuff” retail line of cookies, as well as other sweet treats,
available in the snack aisle at grocery stores across the country.

“The Otis Spunkmeyer cookie has been a favorite for almost 40 years,”
said Charice Grace, Brand Manager of Otis Spunkmeyer. “While we can’t
give away our secret recipes, we can share that we’re proud to have an
incredible team of bakers that are passionate about creating recipes
that are as close to ‘homemade’ as you can purchase. For National Cookie
Day, we hope everyone can take a break on Sunday, eat a cookie, and

Being in the cookie business for nearly 40 years means Otis Spunkmeyer
has some fun facts:

  • More than 3 billion Otis Spunkmeyer cookies are enjoyed every year.
    That’s enough to wrap around the world 19 times!
  • Otis Spunkmeyer uses more than 36 million pounds of chocolate chips
    each year to make its iconic cookies.
  • More than 60 thousand pounds of butter and 100 thousand pounds of
    flour are used every day to mix Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough.
  • Chocolate Chunk is the best-selling Otis Spunkmeyer cookie flavor.

Otis Spunkmeyer is available at grocery stores nationwide including
Walmart, and also sold online via Amazon. To learn more about Otis
Spunkmeyer follow us on Facebook,
and Instagram
and visit www.otisspunkmeyer.com.

About Otis Spunkmeyer:

Otis Spunkmeyer®, an ARYZTA® brand, has been a
pioneer in the fresh-baked cookie business and a leader in the sweet
baked goods industry for 40 years. Otis Spunkmeyer began in 1977 as a
California chain of retail cookie stores, and soon expanded its business
to foodservice operators, offering a fresh-baked cookie program complete
with ovens and merchandising tools. As the #1 selling foodservice cookie
dough in America, in 2016 Otis Spunkmeyer took their famous cookies,
along with 20 new delicious sweet treats, and launched into retail. For
more information on Otis Spunkmeyer and the new retail line, please
visit www.otisspunkmeyer.com.


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