Perito Urology Helps Lift World Association of Medical Sexology Congress to the Next Level

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Last month at the World Association of Medical Sexology IV Congress in
Miami, Perito
, led by its founder, Paul Perito, M.D., helped bring a
number of “firsts” to the event, including organizing the first live
surgery sessions in the history of the Congress.

Dr. Perito, M.D., who is Chief of Surgery at Coral Gables Hospital, also
shared with medical colleagues new clinical data that may signal hope
for millions seeking to return their intimate lives to normalcy. Dr.
Perito also shared data on his pioneering new penile girth enhancement
methodology. Based on Dr. Perito’s extensive anatomical research, the
new technique is groundbreaking in that it succeeds where other
techniques have failed and is relatively simple for physicians
specializing in sexual medicine to perform.

“It has been an honor and a privilege to play a leadership role at this
year’s Congress,” said Dr. Perito, who also served as Vice President of
the event. “This has been a groundbreaking conference for sexual health.
The first Congress of its kind, the IV Congress of Medical Sexology
brought together an esteemed consortium of primary care physicians,
psychologists, psychiatrists, esquires, urologists, gynecologists and
sexologists to address the state of sexual health across the globe in a
truly comprehensive fashion.”

The Congress featured live surgeries, state of the art lectures,
scientific abstracts and interactive podium sessions. Perito Urology
also hosted the event’s closing, rooftop pool party at the Viceroy Hotel.

“Dr. Perito’s contributions to the event played a principle role in its
success,” said Fernando Bianco Colmenares, M.D., WAMS President. “We had
a number of groundbreaking and important presentations at the event,
including the live sexological impact surgical cases performed by Dr.
Perito on the Friday, which were particularly excellent and significant.”

Dr. Bianco continued to explain that the IV World Congress of Medical
Sexology is the main scientific event of the World Association for
Medical Sexology, devoted to the promotion of the development of medical
sexology as a new specialty in the field of medicine.

Dr. Perito, known as a trailblazer for the surgical treatment of ED and
developer of the “Perito Minimally Invasive Penile Implant Procedure,”
was among the leading lights in sexual medicine sharing best practices
and information with visiting clinicians.

Largely considered a global thought-leader in this highly specialized
area of medicine, Perito has been treating men from all over the world
at his practice in Coral Gables.

“Whether the patient is from Atlanta or Zimbabwe, we focus on the
‘entire male patient’ so that we can successfully resolve the issue and
restore the patient’s lifestyle and livelihood,” stated Dr. Perito, who
has practiced in the Miami area for over 15 years. “Men’s health is an
escalating aspect of urologic practices and the techniques that we’ve
amassed not only provide advanced training for the physicians who attend
this program, but the foundation for similar men’s health practices
throughout the world.”

Dr. Perito and Perito Urology boast an exclusive concierge care program
that an increasing number of global patients have opted for, recognizing
the Center’s extensive service and results.

Perito Urology is a comprehensive men’s health center that focuses on
ED, Peyronie’s (penile curvature), Penile Girth Enhancement, Minimally
Invasive treatment of BPH, Low Testosterone and other male
considerations. To learn more, contact
(305) 444-2920 or visit

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