PetLife Pharmaceuticals Provides an Eye-Opening View on a Recession Resistive Industry

Pharmaceuticals, Inc
. (OTCQB:PTLF) (the “Company”), a developer of a
new generation of high potency veterinary cancer medications and
nutraceuticals for pets, released today an overview of the $63 billion
companion pet healthcare industry. Empty nesters, reduced fertility, and
pet owners prioritizing pet care over their own expenses all contribute
to the resiliency of the pet care industry. PetLife’s continuous
development of multiple product lines aims to serve the growing
companion pet healthcare market, bolstering its market reach and thereby
solidifying the company both on a revenue/financial point of view as a
natural, solution-focused company.

The pet care industry, from food and treats to veterinary care and
boarding, continues to see tremendous growth. All you have to do is walk
in to your local PetSmart or pet supply store to see the number of
products and accessories available to pet owners; a sure sign of how
much Americans adore their pets.

Data from various research reports shows a staggering growth in pet

This data falls in line with the American Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) report which indicates almost half of
American households own a dog and around a third are cat owners. A
graphical representation of this data is available here:

Studies have shown that during recessions and tough times, pet owners
will cut back on their own expenses to continue to provide for their
animals. Additionally, offspring from the Baby Boom generation are
“leaving the nest,” and their parents are filling in the empty space
with companion pets. Furthermore, reduced fertility in America is also
contributing to the growing pet industry, as single
(and no-children) households tend to have a higher rate of pet ownership

“Aside from making great companions, our household pets can actually
point our business compass to fantastic investment opportunities,” said
PetLife CEO, Dr. Ralph Salvagno.

As pets are seen as an essential part of the household, owners are
spending more and more on end-of-life healthcare as pets age. Companies
like PetLife are striving to develop products that are non-invasive and
will prolong pets’ lives with a smaller price tag for pet owners. In
fact, The Motley Fool predicts that as the U.S. gets wealthier, there
will be a trend to spend
more money on life-extending therapies for pets
, something that was
less common 20 years ago.

Dr. Geoffrey Broderick, Sr., a world-famous veterinarian, spent the last
50 years developing the products to help prevent cancer and
significantly prolong the lives of pets all around the world. He
currently serves as Chairman of the Product Development Committee for

“They’re the quintessential part of a constantly growing economic sector
that shows no sign of slowing down, and because it’s based on the
hard-wired human instinct to care for our loved ones, it’s more or less
recession-proof,” added PetLife President, Geoffrey Broderick, Jr.

Speaking at a recent press conference, Geoffrey continued: “My family
for the past 50 years has been involved with developing nutraceuticals,
drugs, supplements, and pet foods with the intention of stopping and
preventing cancer and other diseases prevalent in companion animals. The
industry has grown tremendously, but some of the most significant growth
has been in the nutritional segment of the sector to promote pet health
through prevention and cure. Our goal with PetLife is to build a
cutting-edge pet pharmaceutical/nutraceutical company addressing the
multiple diseases prevalent in the lives of pets. With our extensive
history in this industry, we will develop multiple products that will
add to the quality of pet lives all around the globe.”

PetLife’s 506 Private Placement Memorandum is available only to
accredited investors.

About PetLife Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

PetLife Pharmaceuticals (OTCQB:PTLF) (
is a registered US Veterinary Pharmaceutical company, incorporated in

PetLife’s mission is to bring its new, scientifically proven, non-toxic,
potentiated bioactive nutraceuticals and prescription medication,
Vitalzul™, to the world of veterinary oncology—with the ultimate goal of
preventing cancer and extending the life of pets suffering from cancer
while improving their quality of life. In the US alone, consumer
spending on domestic companion animals reached over $60 billion in 2015
with over $29 billion spent on veterinary care and medications.

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