PICKUP Launches Instant Delivery Service in Houston

Expansion to Houston fueled by significant consumer and business

the Instant Delivery™ service featuring Good Guy drivers and their
pickup trucks, today announces its service is now available in Houston,
Texas. The company expanded its service area beyond Dallas/Ft. Worth to
accommodate growing demand from consumers and retailers.

“PICKUP is very excited to offer trusted, instant delivery in Houston,”
said Brenda Stoner, Chief Good Guy, PICKUP. “Everyone needs help moving
large items, whether it’s from a retail showroom floor to their home, to
enable their business, or to solve specific moving problems. PICKUP’s
Good Guy drivers are now available to help customers in greater Houston.”

PICKUP leverages trusted resources like military veterans, firefighters
and other off duty public servants and their pickup trucks to transport
items for customers. The company regularly moves furniture, mattresses,
appliances, home improvement supplies, landscaping materials, baby
nursery items, electronics, Christmas trees, boxes to storage and more.
The app-enabled moving service will transport almost anything that can
fit in the bed of a pickup truck.

“Think of us as a go-to resource when you need to move large stuff,”
commented Stoner. “Consumers and businesses want items delivered when
they buy them. Faster than same day delivery, PICKUP’s Instant Delivery
is a great solution for the last fast mile from store or distribution
center to customer. We fill that gap for businesses and retailers who
often lose sales when people discover their item cannot be delivered
same day.”

The expansion to Houston comes on the heels of its recent strategic
investment announcement from Ross Perot, Jr., Anurag Jain and Mike
Wetzer. The funding was intended for geographic expansion into new

PICKUP can now be booked in Houston via pickupnow.com, the apps for iTunes
and Google
, or by calling 800-560-2168.


PICKUP™ is an Instant Delivery service featuring Good Guy Drivers and
their pickup trucks. No more renting trucks for moving or hauling large
items, or asking to borrow a friend’s pickup truck. PICKUP brings this
experience directly to your mobile device. PICKUP drivers are trust
verified and up to $20,000 cargo is included. Most Good Guy drivers are
off-duty firemen, military and veterans. For more information please
visit www.pickupnow.com
or follow us on Twitter
or Facebook.


Stacey Gaswirth, 214-213-4675