PicoBrew Pico Beer-Making Appliance Now Cooks As Well

PicoBrew CEO Bill Mitchell, speaker at the upcoming Smart Kitchen
Summit, announces new capabilities of the Pico beer-brewing appliance

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Days after PicoBrew’s newest product offering, the Pico, surpassed
$700,000 in pre-sales on crowd-funding site Kickstarter, PicoBrew today
announces that in addition to brewing top-quality fresh craft beer, the
Pico also will support “modernist cuisine” sous vide cooking.

Sous vide cooking was actually developed in the 1970s as a method for
cooking foie gras to retain moisture, while providing more control over
the cooking process. Sous vide involves cooking food in vacuum sealed
pouches submerged in a water bath held at precisely controlled

“We’ve supported sous vide cooking on our Zymatic product for several
years and customers love it,” said Bill Mitchell, CEO of PicoBrew. “It
was a little trickier to implement for Pico, but Kickstarter customers
wanted it, so we figured it out.” The new sous vide cooking feature
includes a special drain insert and an attachment that allows the Pico
to pump air out of special sous vide cooking bags.

“I never anticipated it, but the Zymatic has turned me into a brewing
maniac. It is truly a ‘Brew House in a Box,’ a way of imagining and
creating unique beers that can be repeated with a degree of precision
previously available only to top commercial brewers,” said Ron Zimmerman
proprietor of the iconic HerbFarm restaurant in Fall City, Washington.
“I am also excited by the cute new ‘Pico.’ It will let folks quickly
brew some of the world’s rarest and most famous beers—right at home!
It’s like having a famous brewmaster standing at your side. If that
weren’t breakthrough enough, the same machine, with its compact
footprint and sous vide capability can also cook your dinner! This could
be the ultimate gift for anyone from a college student to culinary

The new Pico is a compact, smart-connected, fully automatic brewing
appliance that brews five-liter mini kegs of fresh craft beer in about
two hours. One key to Pico’s ease-of-use is the use of convenient
pre-packaged ingredient modules called PicoPaks. Now more than 60 craft
breweries and over 350 homebrewers have signed up to produce PicoPaks
available on its online BrewMarketplace to Pico owners.

PicoBrew, the market pioneer of full automatic craft beer brewing
appliances, is also proud to announce that its CEO Dr. Bill Mitchell
will be speaking along with other high power industry leaders at the
upcoming Smart Kitchen Summit on Nov. 5 in Seattle.

“We understand the needs of the home chef, and continually strive to
make precision products that make brewing a craft beer, or sous vide
cooking a meal the simple and enjoyable cooking experience it should
be,” said Dr. Bill Mitchell. “Our smart-connected appliances provide
data that gives us insights on how we can continually improve the end
customer experience.”

Pico is available for pre-order on the PicoBrew
Kickstarter page
for a limited time starting at the purchase price
of $559, which also includes an international version that is available
to anyone around the world.

About PicoBrew, Inc.

PicoBrew is a Seattle based company founded in 2010 by former Microsoft
VP Dr. Bill Mitchell, his brother, food chemist Jim Mitchell, and
long-time engineering partner Avi Geiger. PicoBrew is the market pioneer
of the fully-automatic craft beer brewing appliance segment, holder of 3
patents and recipient of multiple awards for its flagship product, the
PicoBrew Zymatic. PicoBrew’s mission is to bring fresh high-quality
craft beer to the home and get the world brewing.

About Smart Kitchen Summit

Smart Kitchen Summit is the industry’s first and only event on the
connected kitchen presented by Michael Wolf, one of the most
well-recognized analysts covering smart homes and the Internet of
Things. Smart Kitchen Summit will be a day-long event taking place in
the SODO district of Seattle on Nov. 5th, 2015. For more
information on the summit, speakers and agenda, visit http://www.smartkitchensummit.com.


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