PowHer Play Charity Awarded $3,600 Grant from Comerica Bank and FHLB Dallas

Funds Assist with Scholarships and Networking Event

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Comerica Bank and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas (FHLB Dallas)
have awarded a $3,600 Partnership Grant Program (PGP) grant to PowHer
Play Inc., a Houston-based organization that supports women in improving
their lives. A $4,800 PGP grant to the nonprofit in 2015 brings its
total awards to $8,400. The most recent PGP grant will be applied to
scholarships for women in transition and to offset expenses of the
nonprofit’s annual professional women’s event.

“Comerica Bank and FHLB Dallas are helping us make a real difference in
the lives of women who need a leg up,” said Shantera Chatman, founder of
PowHer Play, which does business as The Chatman Women’s Foundation.
“Through their generosity, we are able to help four ladies with
life-changing contributions, which will enable them to go back to
school, build businesses, as well as move out of shelters.”

The grant also supports PowHer Play’s annual professional women’s
breakfast event. Now in its ninth year, the foundation provides skills
training, which includes mentoring, assertiveness, negotiations and
updates on corporate trends.

Vanessa T. Reed, assistant vice president of Corporate Public Affairs
and Community Reinvestment at Comerica Bank, has attended prior PowHer
Play events, leading her to champion support for the women-centered
charity within her institution.

“Shantera’s vision of serving others has touched the lives of more than
1,000 Houston-area women from all walks of life since she founded the
organization in 2008,” Ms. Reed said. “It has been Comerica’s privilege
to support PowHer Play, and we appreciate the many contributions the
group has made to our community.”

The structure of the PGP allows FHLB Dallas member institutions like
Comerica Bank to make a contribution of $500 to $4,000 to a
community-based organization (CBO), which FHLB Dallas will match at a
3:1 ratio. In 2016, FHLB Dallas awarded $225,000 in PGP funds to assist
23 CBOs. Combined with the $96,200 from member institutions, a total of
$321,200 was awarded last year.

“The partnership aspect of this program allows FHLB Dallas to actively
support local initiatives and nonprofits that are important to our
members,” said Greg Hettrick, first vice president and director of
Community Investment at FHLB Dallas.

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