Prime Timers Selected Through ELO50 National Contest as New Name for People Over 50

Redefining an Important Population Segment

BOULDER, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Enrich Life Over 50 (ELO50), a national grassroots movement with a
mission to reverse ageism in America, created a national contest
effective October 1, 2015 to redefine the 109 million people in America
50 and older (50+). We are delighted to announce the joint winners:
Linda Rubin, a resident of Midlothian, VA and Dr. Frederic B. Tate, a
psychologist and resident of Williamsburg, VA. The prize was announced
as $1,000, and we have decided to award this amount to each of the

The national contest generated substantial interest, and ELO50 received
more than 400 submissions from all parts of the country. The two winners
both live in Virginia, and their same winning submissions connote the
reality that many people 50+ have what we at ELO50 call Double ESP™ (an
acronym we coined for Experience, Expertise, Seasoned judgment and
Proven performance).

Bill Zinke, President of ELO50, states: “Documented research
demonstrates that prime timers who remain productively engaged report
greater satisfaction with life, enjoy better health, and live more than
four years longer than their counterparts who sit on the sidelines.”

He notes that 30 years were added to longevity from beginning to end of
the 20th century and that prime timers can continue to be
productively engaged and to continue adding value for significantly more
years than a retirement age established 80 years ago.

About Enrich Life Over 50

With the mission to persuade America that many people 50+ are
significant contributors and to celebrate the phenomenal aspects of
growing older, Bill Zinke founded ELO50 in 2014 to regenerate millions
of people 50+ in their extended longevity and to enhance the quality of
their lives.


William Zinke, 303-499-3939