QuietHotelRoom.org: Hotels Struggling with the Shortage of Quiet Hotel Rooms

AMSTERDAM–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Noise pollution remains one of the major complaints
among travellers
, yet hotels are reluctant to insulate their rooms.
Such is the finding of the Knowledge Centre Sound Insulation (KGI),
initiator of the Quiet
® Label foundation, the first and only world wide
quality label for quiet hotel rooms.

Hotels are very interested in acquiring the QR-label, says KGI, because
poorly insulated hotel rooms get bad reviews in social media, which
leads to loss of revenue. But many hotels are less than eager to start a
long process of investigation, renovation, insulation and certification,
because this is a costly, complicated and time-consuming job.

To help hotels solve this problem, KGI and the Quiet Room® label
foundation have developed a new concept, the so-called Design & Build
Total Concept. This is a method involving specific sound insulation
products which considerably shortens and streamlines the insulation
process. All necessary insulation activities are carried out swiftly and
at once and the process includes certification of hotels rooms for the
Quiet Room® label.

KGI has developed an animated video which
shows how the concept works in practice.



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