Red Bull Global Rallycross Offers Racing Entitlement Program

A Unique Opportunity for Team Owners to Build Value

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Red Bull Global Rallycross is pleased to announce a racing entitlement
program designed to allow team owners to build meaningful equity value
in their GRC teams.

Key features of the Racing Entitlement Program include:

  • Limited number of racing entries.
  • Guaranteed entitlement to race in all series events.
  • Racing entitlements can be sold or transferred.
  • Racing entitlements participate in future television broadcast
  • Racing entitlements participate in equity value created in the GRC

“The Red Bull GRC Entitlement Program is designed to solve one of the
biggest issues in motorsport team ownership – the inability to monetize
many years of investment in your team,” said Colin Dyne, CEO of Red Bull
Global Rallycross. “In most other sports, teams build meaningful equity
value alongside the leagues that sanction them, but in motorsports that
is the exception, rather than the rule. We intend to disrupt the status
quo with this program.”

The Entitlement Program will share the benefits that come from all
stakeholder efforts to build the next generation motorsports platform,
and does so in a thoughtful manner, aligning the interests of the series
with the team owners.

With a limited number of entitlements, new teams and manufacturers will
have to partner with or purchase entitlements from existing owners once
the slots are full, creating value from their multi-year investment in
their teams.

“Many of our partners have been with us since the series’ inception,”
continues Dyne, “and we look forward to sharing the benefits of our
continued growth with them.”

About Red Bull Global Rallycross

Designed to produce some of the fastest and most exciting racing in
motorsports, Red Bull Global Rallycross pits small production-based cars
against each other in door-to-door racing featuring dirt, asphalt, and
table-top jumps. With enhanced engineering and safety features, the cars
produce 600 horsepower and can accelerate from 0-60 miles per hour in
less than two seconds, and can also withstand 70-foot jumps and other
vehicle contact. For more information visit


Red Bull Global Rallycross
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