Rejlers and Stockholm Cycling Club Start Elite Teams for Men & Women


Rejlers (STO:REJL)

In the space of less than a year, Stockholm Cycling Club (SCC) has moved
from being a newly formed club to bringing together some of the best
men’s and women’s cyclists in the Stockholm region in a focused elite
programme for road races. Rejlers is the main sponsor and continues to
invest in health and Sweden’s fastest growing sport.

Next year SCC will have competitive teams in both the men’s and women’s
elites, with a clear goal of competing for medals in the Swedish
championships in both individual road races and time trials. The teams
assemble some of the Stockholm region’s best competitive cyclists,
combining young promising cyclists and more experienced competitive

“After starting cycling together in the 2014 season, the 40 or so
members in the original group, with the help of our sponsor technology
consultant Rejlers, have continued to develop,” comments Thomas
Backteman, chairman of the Stockholm Cycling Club. “In 2015, we took the
plunge and formed a club, as several members of our team, the Rejlers
Cycling Team, wanted to start competing together. Now we are taking the
next step of bringing together some of the Stockholm region’s best
competitive cyclists in both the men’s and women’s sports. It’s great to
be able to help create a new competitive cycling team in Stockholm,
because it’s a way of strengthening cycling as a sport throughout
Sweden,” says Thomas Backteman.

“At Rejlers we’ve taken a strategic approach to health for many years
now, and we’re investing in different initiatives to get our employees
to feel healthy; cycling is just one of them. In collaboration with the
legendary Swedish-owned cycle brand Bianchi, I have travelled around the
Nordic countries handing out bikes at Rejlers’ offices. These bikes can
be used by staff to get to customer visits or to take part in one of the
amateur races arranged all over the Nordic region”, says Peter Rejler,
President and CEO of Rejlers.

About Stockholm Cycling Club / Rejlers Cycling Team

As Stockholm’s only focused club for elite athletes Stockholm Cycling
Club provides a link between competition and exercise. The club offers
ambitious athletes and elite cyclists constant development. Together we
lift the team and the team is greater than any single individual – the
team is stronger than the ego! The club started in 2015 with the help of
Rejlers and has today over 160 active members including teams and active
members in both women’s and men’s class competing at the elite and
masters level in Sweden and internationally. The club has become a given
element not only in the Swedish racetracks but also in all the major
races in Sweden and abroad. SCC will represent Rejlers in all the big
races in Sweden and in several international races. SCC / Rejlers
Cycling Team started in 2015 a collaboration with the Psychiatry Fund to
support the work against mental illness. The collaboration will continue
and intensify during 2016.

Rejlers is one of the largest engineering consultancy firms in the
Nordic region. Our 2,000 experts work with projects within the areas of
Building and property, Energy, Industry and Infrastructure. With us, you
will meet specialist engineers with the breadth, cutting edge expertise
and not least energy to create the results you want. We are continuing
to grow rapidly and our activities are spread across 80 locations in
Sweden, Finland and Norway. In 2014, Rejlers had revenue of SEK 1.7
billion and its Class B share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

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