Ricardo Montaner and the Pan American Development Foundation, the Humanitarian Arm of the OAS, Unite to Help Victims of the Ecuador Earthquake

PADF launches a humanitarian campaign to help the victims in some of
the most quake-affected areas in the Province of Manabí, including the
communities of Tosagua and Portoviejo

American Development Foundation (PADF)
, the humanitarian arm of the Organization
of American States (OAS)
, joins forces with Venezuelan singer Ricardo
to provide humanitarian aid to Ecuador after a powerful 7.8
earthquake struck the country on April 16. The earthquake, which hit the
central coast, has killed more than 650 people and affected some 720,000
others, leaving over 4,600 injured, 29,000 people in shelters, and
destroying or damaging more than 3,600 buildings.

PADF’s Disaster Management team is working closely with local partners
to support the victims. “This was the strongest earthquake to strike
Ecuador in decades. Our priority is to help the most vulnerable people
to minimize the human, economic and social impact that such disasters
can have,” said Caterina Valero, PADF Senior Programs Director. “Our
Foundation is working with local organizations and community groups to
ensure that donations can efficiently reach where they are needed most,”
Valero added.

Through an emotional message, Ricardo Montaner urges the public to make
a contribution. “Let’s unite for Ecuador! Your donation can be a light
of hope for the needy. Send your donation now, please,” asks Montaner.
The Venezuelan singer is appealing to the public and corporations
through his social media platforms to donate in support of Ecuador.
Montaner’s message will be broadcast throughout North and Latin America
on Discovery Español, TLC, Animal Planet, CNN in Spanish and more.

Through this effort, which has received the support of Ricardo Montaner,
American reggaeton singer and composer Nicky Jam, Nicaraguan singer Luis
Enrique, and other public figures, PADF has issued an international
appeal to raise $1 million dollars to meet the immediate needs of the
victims in Ecuador. PADF has already sent urgent supplies to the
affected communities of Tosagua and Portoviejo in the Province of
Manabí, providing clean drinking water, hygiene kits, and other
emergency supplies.

To join this humanitarian campaign or for additional information, please
visit: www.padf.org/HelpEcuador.

About PADF

The Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) is the humanitarian arm
of the Organization of American States (OAS). Established in 1962 by the
OAS as a result of John F. Kennedy’s “Alliance for Progress”, PADF works
to advance social progress, strengthen vulnerable communities, respond
to major natural disasters and humanitarian crises in the region, and
promote human rights and democracy. For more information, visit: www.padf.org.

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