Roar Ambition Delivers Instant Knockout

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A UK-based producer of sporting performance supplements is celebrating a
knock out first year, breaking into the US market, and having sold
60,000 units in the first 12 months of trading.

has developed 100 per cent natural dietary supplements,
focussing on two core products designed to help improve sporting

Instant Knockout was originally developed to help professional
boxers to burn fat while training for a fight. The formula consists of
10 all natural fat burning ingredients, which work by promoting three
key processes in the body:

  • Thermogenesis – Making the body burn more calories naturally
  • Increase Energy Levels – Raising mental and physical
    performance to help on low calorie diets
  • Suppressed Appetite – Helping crave less food and feel more full

TestoFuel is a muscle building supplement which is designed to
naturally increase testosterone. It contains only natural ingredients
including Vitamin D3 and Oyster extract. Increased testosterone helps
protein synthesis which is a great aid to muscle building. Used over
4-12 weeks, users report benefits including:

  • Raised Energy Levels – Faster recovery and longer workouts
  • More Muscle Mass – Increased size and strength
  • Reduced Body Fat – Leaner around stomach
  • Improved Libido – Higher sex drive

Both the products are fully compliant with cGMP (Goods Management
Practice) and are made only in approved and certified facilities in the
USA and UK.

With 65 per cent of sales now coming from the USA, the UK based company
is making a big name for itself on both sides of the Atlantic.

Roar Ambition owner Robert Parker said: “One of the main things we’ve
learnt is that quality always wins over quantity. Our customers are
mainly men aged 21-30 and they’re educated – they are seeking out the
latest ingredients and the best formulas. They are not brand loyal, they
will research and shop around to get the best products on the market.

“We specialise in burning fat and supporting testosterone – the two key
areas that men are most concerned about, to allow them to build muscle
and stay lean. We could have expanded our range but playing to our
strength allowed us to create two really strong products. We’re always
consulting with athletes and nutritionists and looking at the latest
research to ensure we’re using the best ingredients. Our formulas are
updated every six – 12 months.”

Instant Knockout is used by Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) legends Diego
Sanchez (winner of The Ultimate Fighter Season 1) and John Dodson
(Currently ranked Number 1 Flyweight). For many athletes, especially
fighters, the battle with the scale is an ongoing issue and the natural
formula helps them lose weight quickly, and doesn’t break any rules in
the sport. Diego Sanchez has been using Instant Knockout to cut down to
145lbs. After 5 weeks of Instant Knockout, he was able to drop 25lbs.

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Matthew Kaye