School May Be Out for Summer, But The Great Courses Reports 50% Growth in its ‘Student Body’

Lifelong learning leaders release latest ‘What America is Learning’
chart as logic and Spanish join long-standing favorites art and history

Great Courses Plus
has just released its monthly statistics on the
most watched lectures through the video learning service, and the
courses seeing the most traffic include long-standing favorites such as
art and history, as well as surprises like logic, linguistics and

In addition to the “What America Is Learning” chart, the lifelong
learning leaders also shared information about the exponential growth
the company has seen over the past few months.

“The ‘student body’ of The Great Courses already includes intellectual
heavyweights such as Bill Gates, and our streaming service is expanding
the appeal of lifelong learning even more,” said Ed Leon, Chief Brand
Officer at The Great Courses. “In the last quarter, the number of people
subscribing to The Great Courses Plus has doubled. Not surprisingly,
with so many new users the hottest topics are introductions and lectures
on the fundamentals.”

The 10 chart-topping lectures from May:

  1. Why
    Study Logic?
    (from the course An Introduction to
    Formal Logic
    An overview of biases humankind is predisposed
    to and the ways in which logic can correct them as taught by Professor
    Steven Gimbel, Ph.D
  2. Introduction
    to Logical Concept
    (from the course An Introduction to
    Formal Logic

    How grammatical analysis can identify the
    type of argument and inform how it can be addressed as taught by Professor
    Steven Gimbel, Ph.D
  3. Introduction
    to the Spanish Language
    (from the course Learning Spanish)
    basics of how to approach, study and speak Spanish, as well as an
    introduction to the basics of conversation as taught by Professor
    Bill Worden, Ph. D
  4. An
    Introduction to Drawing
    (from the course How to Draw)
    history and impact drawing has had on culture; how analytic and
    abstract thought enhance artistic ability; and a basic drawing
    exercise focusing on our ancestors’ art as taught by Professor
    David Brody
  5. Drawing
    Materials for Line
    (from the course How to Draw)
    closer look at the tools to be used throughout the course and
    suggestions for maximizing your workspace as taught by Professor
    David Brody
  6. Informal
    Logic and Fallacies
    (from the course An Introduction to
    Formal Logic

    Explore four of the most common logical
    fallacies as taught by Professor
    Steven Gimbel, Ph.D
  7. Drawing
    Fundamentals and First Exercises
    (from the course How to

    Learn about the basics of composition, proportion,
    perspective, value, texture and color. See how to apply these skills
    to complex subjects as taught by Professor
    David Brody
  8. Making
    Great Pictures
    (from the course Fundamentals of

    An examination of the essential elements of
    iconic and memorable photos as taught by National
    Geographic photographer Joel Sartore
  9. Definite
    Articles and Nouns
    (from the course Learning Spanish)
    closer look into the gendering of Spanish nouns, knowing when to use
    which and how to pluralize them as taught by Professor
    Bill Worden, Ph. D
  10. Earliest
    History of the Indian Subcontinent
    (from the course A
    History of India

    Looking back to the geographic
    formation of the region and its impact on culture as taught by Professor
    Michael H. Fisher, Ph.D

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