Sex Therapist Mary Jo Rapini Addresses the Rise of the ‘Sexless Marriage’: What It Means for Couples and Ways to Revive It

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–According to the recent Relationships in America survey,
12% of all married persons, ages 18-60, reported having not had sex for
at least three months. Sex and relationship therapist Mary Jo Rapini
addresses the ‘sexually inactive’ phenomenon, how it happens, and what
couples can do to revive it.

“A sexless marriage is fine if both partners simply prefer affection and
share an emotional connection.” says Rapini. “However, if you’re married
or in a committed relationship that was once sexual and you miss it, but
your partner doesn’t, that’s a problem. Sex is a form of communication,
and when it stops so does the communication.”

Be open with your partner to restore your sex life. Changes can include:



Get a health checkup. Diseases such as hypertension,
diabetes, obesity and hormonal imbalances can instigate sexual
issues causing you to feel more like roommates than lovers. Your
health professional can pursue the underlying reasons for a loss
of interest in sex.



Talk About Sex: Tell your partner you miss intimacy- ask
how they feel, then just listen. Complaining or demanding your
needs be met will cause your partner to withdraw.



Commit to your relationship and fidelity. Make changes at
work and with your lifestyle. If you’re like two ships passing in
the night you’ll feel alone, disconnected and passionless.



Illness, infidelity, and financial problems can lower libido
and lead to a sexless relationship.
Work on the emotional
reasons behind a lack of sex with a licensed counselor to restore



Post-partum, peri-menopause and menopause may cause painful sex
from dryness.
A silicone based lubricant like Replens Silky
Smooth or Wet Platinum will enhance comfort just prior to sex by
making intercourse feel erotic, slippery and reduce the chances of
abrasion. Replens moisturizer can be used every 3-days for
immediate relief.



Passion comes before feeling sexual. Restore passion, bring
back candle lit dinners, dates without distractions, hand holding
when you’re at the movie or in your car, and touch. The more you
touch your partner the more you’ll connect.

“Healthy marriages include intimacy,” adds Rapini “And, while good sex
is an important part of marriage, couples agreeing on the meaning of
‘good sex’ is more important.”


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