SheKnows Media and the Ms. Foundation Announce Finalists for #TheFWord Short-Form Video Contest

Six Videos Representing a Range of Perspectives on Feminism Are in
the Running to Win By Popular Vote

The Winning Video Will be Revealed at SheKnows Media’s Digital
Content NewFronts on May 9, 2016

, a leading women’s media company with 91 million unique
visitors per month* and 269 million social media fans and followers,
today announced the top six finalists for #TheFWord
short-form video contest
designed to ignite conversation about
feminism today.

SheKnows Media kicked off #TheFWord video contest with the Ms.
Foundation for Women
in January to understand
perspectives on feminism through the lens of intersectionality and
powerful, personal storytelling. More than 100 two- to three-minute
videos were submitted by people of all genders, ages and ethnicities.

For the next phase of the competition, the public is invited to vote for
their favorite video from among the following six finalists by going to:
Individuals can vote once per day until 11:59 p.m. Eastern on April 3,

  • “Peighton” – The story of a young girl who has to make the
    decision to either confirm to society or stay true herself, created by
    Kevin Brooks.
  • “Same Fight” – Anne Troup’s video featuring a song about the
    global gender pay gap.
  • “The F Word” – Mashuq Deen, a transgender man, explains why
    feminism is important for everyone – men included.
  • “The Talk” – Created by Lauren Schacher and Nico
    Raineau, this video takes the format of a feminist comedy set In the
    near future in which two parents have “the talk” with their children.
  • “This Part of Me” – Alex Regalado produced this video with the
    theme, “Feminism: Together, we’re more than the sum of our parts.”
  • “Twist Endings” – A dynamic, interactive video that pairs
    scenes stereotypical of men and women with unexpected endings, created
    by Zanzibar Moore.

The winning video will be revealed during SheKnows Media’s Digital
Content NewFronts presentation on May 9, 2016 in New York City.

Shiri Appleby, actress and star of “Unreal,” “Girls” and “Roswell,” said
of her experience evaluating the video entries, “I was so thrilled to be
asked to judge #TheFWord contest because I was curious about seeing the
work that would be submitted by these young artists on the topic of
feminism. Watching the semi-finalists’ shorts was an eye opening
experience. Each piece of work celebrated feminism in a different light
and together, as a whole, created a point of view by our young
generation of filmmakers that felt unique and specific. I am so looking
forward to seeing these young artists bloom and continue to create for
the benefit of us all.”

Matt McGorry, actor from “How to Get Away With Murder” and
“Orange Is The New Black,”
and a judge for #TheFWord, said,
“Feminism is about equality. It’s not a word that we should shy away
from, and if anything we should boldly embrace it. I was honored to be a
judge in #TheFWord contest, and it was great to see so many thoughtful
and heartfelt films based around original interpretations of equality.”

Appleby and McGorry were joined by the following high-profile panel of
judges who helped determine #TheFWord finalists:

  • Shiri Appleby, actress and star of “Unreal,” “Girls” and
  • Laura Benanti, Tony Award-winning Broadway and television
    actress (“Gypsy,” “Nashville,” and “Supergirl”)
  • Connie Britton, Emmy-nominated actress, with stand-out
    roles on series such as “Nashville,” “American Horror Story” and
    “Friday Night Lights”
  • Christina Escobar, Director of Communications, The
    Representation Project
  • Tonya Lewis Lee, producer, entrepreneur and writer
  • Matt McGorry, actor from “How to Get Away With Murder”
    and “Orange Is The New Black”
  • Alexandra Posen, artist and co-founder of Zac Posen
  • Franchesca Ramsey, writer, actress and video blogger best known
    for her Chescaleigh Comedy channel and host of “MTV Decoded”
  • Michael Skolnik, civil rights activist and former President of
    Russell Simmons’
  • Salt N Pepa, Spinderella, musicians
  • Jamia Wilson, Executive Director at Women, Action and the Media
  • Teresa C. Younger, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ms.

“We know that too often people have a perception of Feminism that is
based on what the media or history books create, leaving many wondering
where they fit in,” said Teresa C. Younger, President and Chief
Executive Officer, Ms. Foundation
. “Equality for all cannot happen
without making sure people of all genders, backgrounds and ethnicities
are included, so to see a diverse cross section of people identify with
the concept of feminism was truly encouraging.”

As part of SheKnows Media’s exploration of the current state of
feminism, the company recently unveiled new, proprietary, third-party
validated research to gauge how women of all backgrounds view the
concept of feminism, whether or not they self-identify as a feminist,
and if they perceive feminism to have a tangible impact on their
day-to-day lives, careers and relationships. More than 1,600 individuals
responded to the online survey – the results of which were first
published in The
New York Times
on March 11, 2016. Click here
to view the survey results and to request the full set of findings.

“While the focus on feminism is reinvigorated by what we’re seeing in
the press, from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign to Emma Watson’s
United Nations speech to Gloria Steinem’s television appearance, we
realized there was still a wide gap in understanding how everyday women
and men from all walks of life think about and identify with the
movement,” said Samantha Skey, SheKnows Media’s President and Chief
Revenue Officer
. “As a media company that serves women and is
dedicated to our mission of women inspiring women, we felt it was
incumbent upon us to launch #TheFWord video contest and study – both of
which have produced results that are incredibly insightful. Now, we are
pleased to bring #TheFWord video contest to the public to vote for the
video they think best represents their views on feminism.”

For more information about #TheFWord, email
To learn more about SheKnows Media, visit

*comScore, Media Metrix, Multiplatform Key Measures Report, January
2016, U.S.

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