SIGGRAPH 2016 Games Program to Feature Exciting Talks, Courses, REAL-TIME LIVE! Demos, and Production Sessions

, the world’s leading annual interdisciplinary educational
experience showcasing the latest in computer graphics and interactive
techniques, will feature an exciting lineup as part of this year’s Games
program. With the tagline “Render the Possibilities,” SIGGRAPH 2016 will
be held at the Anaheim Convention Center, 24–28 July 2016.

Through the Games program, attendees of the 2016 conference can go
behind the scenes of some of today’s most critically acclaimed and
popular video game titles. The program centers around the innovation and
creativity of the video game industry, and how the graphics community
works together to develop new methods and technologies to deliver
content. SIGGRAPH 2016 will provide a unique venue by which game
creators can collaborate and learn from other industries that are also
pushing the limits of real-time graphics. Attendees will be exposed to
cutting-edge research from the top minds in academia.

SIGGRAPH 2016 Games Chair Jerry Edsall said, “The 2016 Games program
will spotlight the pioneers and visionaries behind iconic and
critically-acclaimed video games currently in the market. Developers and
producers will discuss the work that led to the creation of each game
represented, as well as detail what it took to take the games to the
next level. SIGGRAPH 2016 will be the place to learn about real-time
graphics for games and the content this year is amazing! The Talks
especially will feature groundbreaking techniques from some of the
biggest, top-tier game studios such as Naughty Dog and Square-Enix.”

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SIGGRAPH 2016 Games program highlights include:


Building Character

Session Chair: Akshay Agarwal, Google Inc.

Features four talks, including:

“Character Workflow of Final Fantasy XV”

Led by Kazutaka Kurosaka and Eitaro Iwabuchi of SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD,
this talk presents how to create character assets with superior quality
and performance for display on a game console. It also summarizes
construction of a workflow to efficiently produce these sorts of
character assets on a large scale.

The Technical Art of “Uncharted 4”

Speakers: Waylon Brinck, Andrew Maximov, and Yibing Jiang, Naughty
Dog, Inc.

This talk presents a handful of rendering and shader features created by
the technical artists at Naughty Dog. Some of these features are novel,
and some are an evolution of common concepts, but all are critical to
achieving the look and scope of Uncharted 4.


Open Problems in Real-Time Rendering [Intermediate]

Instructors: Natalya Tatarchuk, Bungie, Inc.; and, Aaron Lefohn,
NVIDIA Corporation

This course will discuss the top unsolved problems in real-time
rendering, why current solutions don’t work in practice, the desired
ideal solution, and the problems that need to be solved to work toward
that ideal.

Physically-Based Shading in Theory and Practice [Intermediate]

Instructors: Stephen McAuley and Stephen Hill, Ubisoft Entertainment

The course will begin with a brief introduction to the physics and
mathematics of shading before delving into exciting new research in the
field. Speakers from film and game studios will also share examples of
how physically based shading models have been used in production and
other practical applications of shading.


From Previs to Final in Five Minutes: A Breakthrough in Live Performance

Presenters: Tameem Antoniades, Ninja Theory Ltd.; Kim Libreri, Epic
Games, Inc.; Steve Caulkin, Cubic Motion Ltd; and, Vladmir Mastilovic,
3Lateral Studio

Epic Games teamed up with Ninja Theory, Cubic Motion, and 3Lateral to
create the world’s first believable human driven live by an actress
within an Unreal Engine game world. In this demonstration, body, face,
and voice are all captured live in real time and recorded to create a
real-time scene.

Real-Time Technologies of Final Fantasy XV Battles

Presenters: Isamu Hasegawa, Remi Driancourt, Hiromitsu Sasaki, and

This presentation showcases several real-time technologies implemented
for Final Fantasy XV’s epic battle between heroes and monsters: AI
systems that control companions and monsters, dynamic weather systems
and lighting, and visual effects for magic that affect the environment.


Star Wars: Battlefront” – Game Development in the Star Wars Universe!

Panelists: Kenneth Brown, Jonas Andersson, Pontus Ryman, Anders
Egleus, and Oscar Carlén, Electronic Arts Digital Illusions Creative
Entertainment AB

The DICE team reveals some of the work that went into “Star Wars:
Battlefront,” their award-winning, visually stunning game.

Developing “Mass Effect: New Earth” – A 4D Holographic Adventure

Panelists: Robert deMontarnal, Christian Dieckmann, and Howard
Newstate, Media Networks Cedar Fair Entertainment Company; Clint Reagan,
Halon Entertainment LLC; and, Nathan Huber, 3D Live

This session focuses on development of “Mass Effect: New Earth,” a
first-of-its kind theme-park attraction at California’s Great America in
Santa Clara.

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