Snip-its® Unveils 2017 Hairstyle Trends for Kids

Kid-Focused Hair Salon Franchise Rounds-Up the Most Popular Looks for

MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#franchising–From the dreaded bowl cut to mullets and perms, we all remember the
terrible hairstyles of our childhood. The good news for today’s kids is
that these styles have come and gone and are now replaced with much more
stylish choices. In an effort to make sure kids across the country sport
the most stylish ‘dos this year, Snip-its,
the nation’s leading kid-focused hair salon and entertainment concept,
announced today its picks for ‘Top 2017 Hairstyle Trends for Kids.’

With a dedication to making haircuts fun for children and relaxing for
parents, Snip-its offers premium kid’s haircuts, kid-friendly spa
services, birthday parties and its own line of salon quality haircare
products. The brand’s knowledge in children’s haircare makes it the
experts on all things related to kid’s hair – styles, cuts, accessories
and more.

“At Snip-its, we consider ourselves to be the experts on kids hair –
everything from cuts to styles and even accessories,” said Marsha Cole,
Director of Artistic Education at Snip-its. “Each year the trends for
kids change, and this year there are some super fun, stylish options
that we are excited to share with parents and kids alike.”

Below is Snip-its’ break down of the latest styles and trends for little
girls and boys this year:

Girls Trends:

  • Bob—Super cute and easy to style, this classic look becomes a
    trendy disheveled bob when you piece it out, add texture and mess it
    up. The bob comes in many different hair lengths and is perfect for
    both school days and playdates.
  • Pixie—Mod is back with a 2017 twist. Little girls look adorable
    in this short, cropped pixie cut with more layering on top.
  • Elaborate Braids—Braids are here to stay when it comes to girl
    styles and trends. Your tiny tots will love looking like their
    favorite princess or fairy tale character! Many braids and partial
    braids making an elaborate hairdo are in. Look for lots of Dutch and
    top knot trends leading the pack this year.

Boys Trends:

  • Undercut—The IT look for 2017 is extra trendy when you add a
    hard line part! Your little man will look adorable with this short,
    clipper cut that’s longer in the front. Some Snip-its Funky Spiker and
    Wacky Wax will keep him dashing and dapper all day.
  • Hard Line Part—The hottest kid trend—and adult trend—around!
    The hard line is versatile, neat and bold. It looks great with a
    classic pompadour.
  • Pompadour—Comes in many shapes and sizes for men, women and
    children. We love the way the boys are wearing it this year with a
    tapered clipper cut and some edging, designs or hard lines cut in. It
    makes for a neat and clean look, even if the top is long and styled

Color, Design and Bling Trends:

  • Add-On Flair—tinsel strands and glitter roots. Everything’s
    better with sparkle! The glitter root trend is sweeping high fashion
    adult trends this year—but we know they’re just reliving their
    childhood. Our kiddos make this look sweet, charming and irresistible.
  • Kid-Friendly Pop of Color—color shots and hair stencils for the
    little rock star who wants to express some soul. Kid-friendly,
    temporary color spray, gel and chalk, means you can switch these
    colors and designs up frequently.
  • Cut-in Designs—Lighting bolt, hearts or any other design you
    can think of. Little ones are jumping at the chance to get their
    favorite designs cut right in to their haircut this year!

Snip-its was founded in 1995 by Joanna Meiseles, a busy mother who
sought a hair salon that catered to her young children. Twenty years
later, the brand continues to be synonymous with the founder’s mission,
offering quality children’s hair care and an environment that is
welcoming, wholesome, and entertaining. Snip-its is defined by the
branded characters, games, stories, and a Magic Box that dispenses a
prize at the end of the service.

The brand currently has 65 locations across the county that provides
friendly and knowledgeable staff, animated gadgets, computer games and a
character filled entertaining environment geared to creating an
enjoyable haircutting experience. Snip-its serves as a solution for
parents who are looking for a way to untangle the challenges of trying
to find a convenient haircutting experience for their children.
Virtually unheard of in the hair care industry, the brand implements a
unique and one of a kind stylist training program specifically for
children with Autism, as part of their partnership with the national
Autism Speaks organization.

About Snip-its

Snip-its is the nation’s fastest growing child haircut franchise that is
dedicated to making haircuts fun for children and relaxing for parents.
Founded in 1995 by busy mother, Joanna Meiseles, Snip-its is turning a
traditionally mundane and often unpleasant experience into a fun-filled,
animated adventure. As the leader in the underserved child hair care
industry, Snip-its offers quality children’s hair care and an
environment that is welcoming, wholesome, and entertaining. For more
information about the company, please visit


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