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SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With growing popularity with facial contouring surgery, key question is
not “how SMALL can you make my face?” but “how PROPORTIONATE can you
make my face?”. Refining squarish jaw and protruded cheekbone of course
is important, but naturalism and overall harmony of the face are the key
to successful facial contouring surgery.

Proportionate Cheekbone

Beautiful cheekbone is not flat cheeks. Side zygoma should be straight
from the scull down, but needs to have volume on the frontal zygoma for
the youthful image. L-osteotomy on the zygomatic arch allows the most
effective reduction range and is combined with 3D rotation fixation for
the tightening effect. Cheekbone implant can be combined for boney face.

Proportionate Jaw

Angle below the ears should not be removed, but should be shaped to fit
the facial features in harmony. If no angle is remained from the jaw
reduction, it will rather create unnatural straight jawline from the
side. For this reason, harmonious angle on the mandible is the key for
the successful jaw reduction. Jaw reduction can be combined with botox
(reduces over-developed musketeer muscles), cortical resection (removing
the outermost layer of the scull for the smaller face), jawline
liposuction (patients with excessive fat tissues along the jawline), or
buccal fat removal (protruding fat pad inside of the mouth) for the most
optimal result.

Proportionate Chin

Whether you have weak or developed chin, chin shape plays a key role in
balanced and youthful face. If your chin is weak, you can either do chin
advancement (genioplasty) with your own bone, or simply place implant
for the lengthening effect. If your chin is long, t or v osteotomy is
the best option to reduce the length for more proportional face shape.

Successful facial contouring surgery should be consulted and performed
with the facial contouring specialist with plenty of clinical
experiences and surgical know-how for failure-free facial contouring.

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