Square Roots Acquires Fitzgerald Analytics, Will Build Data Science + Knowledge Center in Drive to Improve Maternal Health

Using data to serve the needs of mothers and infants,
award-winning analytics firm will tap scientific insights to foster
improvement in maternal and infant health

a life sciences company focused on pregnancy and the
healthy formation of life, announced that it has acquired Fitzgerald
Analytics, a leading analytics and data science firm. The cash and stock
purchase is central to Square Roots’ strategy to develop evidence-based
solutions that improve maternal health in the United States.

As part of the transaction, Jaime Fitzgerald, Founder and Managing
Partner at Fitzgerald Analytics, will assume the role of Chief
Information Officer and Partner at Square Roots. He will lead
development of the first comprehensive, multi-source, multi-media
knowledge library containing the most useful, science-based information
on maternal health. Once built, the library will be the foundation for
creating and implementing solutions that improve maternal health
nationwide by making valuable information available to multiple
stakeholders from mothers to cities and policy-makers.

“The acquisition of Fitzgerald Analytics is integral to our mission,”
said Morad Fareed, Founder and CEO, Square Roots. “Square Roots will
harness Fitzgerald Analytics’ expertise around the use of big data—and
data of all sizes and types—to drive better outcomes, and also minimize
adverse health risks among mothers and infants. This acquisition is
built on a long working history with Fitzgerald Analytics and our
results have been self evident and phenomenal. Deepening our
collaboration through this purchase is a great step forward.”

Fitzgerald Analytics was founded in 2005 as Fitzgerald developed a
distinctively quantitative, fact-based, and transparent approach to
solving high stakes problems and improving results. His approach enables
translation of Data to Dollars™ using methodologies clients can repeat
again and again. Fitzgerald has been equally passionate about the “human
side of the equation,” and is known for the ability to link the human
and the quantitative, both of which are needed to achieve optimal
results. His clients range from Wall Street banks to innovative
non-profits and social entrepreneurs, a reflection of Jaime Fitzgerald’s
belief in the universal benefits of Data, Analytics, and Technology

During more than 18 years serving clients as a management strategy
consultant, Fitzgerald has focused on customer experience and loyalty,
customer profitability, technology strategy, information management, and
business process improvement. Fitzgerald began his career at First
Manhattan Consulting Group, specialists in financial services, and was
later a Co-Founder at Novantas, the strategy consultancy based in New
York City. Fitzgerald was also a Manager for Braun Consulting, now part
of Fair Isaac Corporation, and for Japan-based Abeam Consulting, now
part of NEC. Jaime is a graduate of Harvard University in Economics.

“Data has no value until it is used well—at that point it can become
priceless,” said Fitzgerald. “That is our specialty: finding more and
better ways to turn information into results that matter. By joining
forces with Square Roots, we are applying our tools and methodologies to
the challenges and opportunities of maternal health and infant
development. I can’t think of a more meaningful application of our
capabilities than to serve and honor mothers, infants, and families.”

The United States currently ranks only 33rd out of 176 countries as the
best place to be a mother, and 56th in the world out of 224 countries in
infant mortality [Save
the Children World Report 2015
]. Additionally, in the U.S. women face a 1 in 1,800 risk of
maternal death, the worst performance of any developed country in the
world and the only developed nation with a rising maternal mortality
rate [Save the Children 2015, The
]. A woman in the U.S. is more than 10 times as likely as a
woman in Austria, Belarus or Poland to eventually die from a
pregnancy-related cause [Save the Children 2015]. Square Roots is
putting forth a systematic approach to address these issues, by bringing
together the best resources in technology, nutrition, education and
public policy with the goal of significantly improving these dismal U.S.

About Square Roots

Square Roots is a life sciences company focused on integrating new
technology and scientific findings to examine and improve the state of
maternal and infant care. The Square Roots framework implements
solutions by connecting the dots of existing medical research and care
with human needs to create a measurable impact on health at life’s most
critical stages, birth and infancy. To learn more about Square Roots,
please visit www.squareroots.com.

About Morad Fareed

Prior to launching Square Roots, Founder & Managing Partner Morad Fareed
co-founded Delos Living, where he helped to pioneer the WELL Building
Standard™ and Wellness Real Estate™. He is the Founding Partner of the
Clinton Foundation’s 20/30 Initiative™ and a member of the U.S.
Conference of Mayors’ Business Council. He serves as an Advisory Board
Member to several organizations, including the Smithsonian’s Science
Education Center, the Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute, and the
i.am.angel Foundation. He is a native of New York and lives in Manhattan.

About Fitzgerald Analytics

Formed in 2005, Fitzgerald Analytics provides data management, analytics
strategy, and predictive analytics consulting services for companies in
financial services, retail, manufacturing, media and non-profit sectors.
Fitzgerald has a commitment to helping the social sector with its “Data
to Dollars” and “Analytics Democratized” initiatives, helping a broad
array of non-profits and individuals to benefit from analytic best


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