Square Roots Continues to Expand Advisory Board with Key Midwifery Appointments

World Class Team Welcomes Cara Osborne, Founder of Baby + Company
and Brynne Potter, co-founder and CEO of Maternity Neighborhood, to its
Inter-Disciplinary Team

, a life sciences company focused on pregnancy and the healthy
formation of life, today announced the appointment of two midwives and
entrepreneurs, Baby + Company founder Cara Osborne, SD, MSN, CNM and
Maternity Neighborhood co-founder and CEO Brynne Potter, CPM, to its
Advisory Board.

“Midwives are pivotal to a healthy pregnancy and thus to our company as
we continue to integrate the care continuum,” said Morad Fareed, founder
and CEO of Square Roots. “Cara and Brynne have literally dedicated their
lives to serving mothers and babies. Their accumulated knowledge is
applied everyday through their own companies which are individually
pioneering aspects of maternal health. We are honored to welcome them in
our shared mission to empower the US mothers’ pregnancy experience.”

Cara Osborne is founder of Baby + Company. She is a Certified Nurse
Midwife and holds Masters and Doctoral degrees in Maternal and Child
Health from the Harvard’s School of Public Health. Baby + Company’s aim
is to expand women’s choices, creating a spectrum of options for
childbirth by building maternity centers that bring together
centuries-old traditions of midwifery and the best research. Prior to
founding Baby + Company, Cara was an Assistant Professor in the Eleanor
Mann School of Nursing at University of Arkansas and a co-investigator
for the American Association of Birth Centers’ National Birth Center
Study II. Cara is a reviewer for the Journal of Midwifery and Women’s
Health and a technical adviser to the board of directors for Midwives
for Haiti.

“Partnerships are the key to making meaningful change in US maternity
care, and I am thrilled to be a part of the impressive group of advisors
that Square Roots has brought together to improve the lives of moms and
babies,” said Osborne on her recent appointment.

On her appointment, Potter said, “It is rare to find a group of talented
and dynamic people focused on an issue that is as deeply meaningful as
maternal and child health. I am honored to join such a team as Square
Roots and bring my experience and enthusiasm to help achieve its mission
and goals.”

Brynne Potter co-founded Maternity Neighborhood (originally called
Private Practice) in 2010, an award winning, patient centered technology
platform for charting and communication that today is utilized by over
50 percent of independent birth centers and home birth practices in the
US. She currently serves as CEO of Maternity Neighborhood and works
directly with the design and development process of the innovative
platform. She is also a Certified Professional Midwife and has worked in
the field of midwifery since 1991, representing the perspective of
midwives and community-based maternity care in multiple venues,
including the provider panel for the Institute of Medicine Workshop on
Research Issues for Place of Birth and advised the World Health
Organization review of digital technology for maternal child health. She
is a former member of the North American Registry of Midwives, a
certifying agency that oversees regulation of Certified Professional
Midwives and a co-author on a recent study published in the JMWH
outlining the pathway of this emerging credential.

About Square Roots

Square Roots is a life sciences company focused on empowering the
pregnancy experience by connecting the dots of existing care models to
human needs. By integrating new technology and scientific findings with
intelligent partnerships from medicine to policy to maternal care
takers, Square Roots brings needed solutions and resources to the most
critical period of life: our beginning. To learn more about Square
Roots, please visit www.squareroots.com.


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