Stock This MOBI DualScan Digital Ear & Forehead Thermometer and Confidently Recommend the Best

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Designed in America, made to the highest standards, and featuring a
medication reminder and flashlight other brands don’t offer, the MOBI
HealthCheck Ear & Forehead Thermometer is a precision device you can
recommend with confidence. It offers in-ear temperature scanning and
convenient, non-intrusive forehead scanning as well as bath water and
food temperature checking and more.

This carefully designed and innovative thermometer for babies, children
and adults provides accurate readings in just 1 second. The large
display and ergonomic design make taking temperature easier than ever
before. A memory log and color-changing fever indicator add to the

The exclusive, patented reminder function is designed to help users
remember when to administer medication and do follow-up checks. The
patented flashlight makes taking a temperature reading easy, even in a
darkened room.

“Customers depend on pharmacists and drugstore employees for product
recommendations. Our HealthCheck thermometer is a choice you can
recommend with total confidence,” said David Naghi, founder and CEO of
MOBI, Inc. “Since fever is an indication of many serious medical
conditions, customers need a device on which they can rely for quick and
accurate results. We offer it, and you can recommend it.”

The HealthCheck thermometer is also a no-contact instrument for
measuring the temperature of food, bottles and bath water from 1 to 2
inches away. Measure ambient room temperature by pointing the device
toward the middle of the space.

“We’ve tried to include every feature we could imagine while keeping the
price point low,” Naghi said. “According to our testers, we’ve

MOBI products, including the MOBI HealthCheck Ear & Forehead
Thermometer, are available for pharmacies, independent local stores,
chains and online dealers. Review Samples & Images are available for
journalists and leading bloggers. To learn more about this product,

Founded in 2003, MOBI brings products to the marketplace that give
families useful, dependable, innovative and modern choices. Its
ergonomically designed, full-featured digital thermometers and other
products are available at many stores and from online sellers. Based in
Beverly Hills, California, the company works with large retailers and
one-on-one with independent stores to fill unmet consumer needs with
carefully constructed, long-lasting products.


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