Surfing Champion Coco Ho Wins $50,000 Donation in Hereditary Breast Cancer Testing Vouchers for Cancer Foundation as Part of Mauli Ola Foundation’s Battle for the Breasts

Vouchers donated to MLC Cancer Foundation

Second-place winner Courtney Conlogue receives $30,000 in vouchers
for the University of Utah

Ola Foundation
(MOF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to
providing hope and confidence to people living with genetic diseases,
today announced that professional surfer Coco Ho is the winner of its
second annual Battle for the Breasts. The competition, which was powered
by Surfline
and supported by Ambry
, brings together 16 top female surfers to help spread
awareness about the importance of early detection and screening for
breast cancer, the second leading cause of cancer death among women in
the U.S.

In the final round of voting, Coco edged out fellow surfer Courtney
Conlogue. That victory earned MLC Cancer Foundation of Martinsville, VA
a $50,000 donation of hereditary breast cancer testing vouchers on
behalf of Ambry Genetics. Courtney’s second-place finish earned the
University of Utah in Salt Lake City $30,000 in vouchers. Two
semi-finalists, Carissa Moore and Tatiana Weston-Webb, will each receive
$10,000 for their charities – the University of Texas Foundation and
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, respectively.

“It was an honor to be a part of this year’s Battle for the Breasts
competition and to help support the MLC Cancer Foundation and bring
genetic breast cancer testing to more women,” Coco said. “This surfing
event is a fun way to raise awareness about an issue that affects so
many women in America. I appreciate my fellow surfers who participated
and everyone who showed their commitment to raising awareness and
helping women to learn more about their risk.”

On November 6, Pat Via, Founder of the MLC Cancer Foundation, accepted
the winning check from the Mauli Ola Foundation at an event with the
staff members, family, and members of the community. “With these
vouchers, we are able to provide vital genetic information to at-risk
women who might otherwise not have access to testing. We are grateful to
Coco, the Mauli Ola Foundation, and Ambry Genetics in helping us with
our mission to help our patients gain more knowledge and insights into
their risk for cancer.”

The 12 other surfers and clinics they represented will each receive a
voucher for BRCA1/2 testing from the Mauli Ola Foundation
courtesy of Ambry Genetics.

The second annual Battle for the Breasts featured sixteen of the world’s
best female surfers competing for votes in an online video contest
format during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The event was created to
raise awareness for the importance of early detection in the fight
against breast cancer, with the participating surfers competing for
$125,000 in hereditary breast cancer testing vouchers donated on their
behalf by Ambry Genetics.

“The Mauli Ola Foundation congratulates Coco on her huge win,” said
Charles Dunlop, CEO of Ambry Genetics. “Coco is a true inspiration to
the surfing community and we are pleased that her participation raised
the visibility of the Battle for the Breasts and breast cancer
awareness. The vouchers she earned will help support the mission of
saving lives through early detection, research and treatment.”

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