T-Mobile Unleashes Mobile Video with Binge On™

Video now streams free at T-Mobile for HBO, Hulu, Netflix, SHOWTIME,
Sling TV, STARZ subscribers without using up their high-speed data – 24
total services included initially with more to come

Biggest-ever update to Simple Choice doubles your data at no extra
cost when everyone in the family gets extra data

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–At an event held today in the entertainment capital of the world,
T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) announced its landmark 10th
Un-carrier move and responded directly to Americans’ surging demand for
mobile entertainment by—of all things—unleashing mobile video.
Beginning this Sunday, video streams free at T-Mobile for subscribers of
HBO, Hulu, Netflix, SHOWTIME, Sling TV, STARZ, WatchESPN and more—with
more streaming services on the way—without ever burning up customers’
high-speed data. And it’s available to all current and new Simple Choice
customers on qualifying plans—at absolutely no extra cost.

On top of that, the Un-carrier today also amped up its flagship Simple
Choice plan—in the biggest update to Simple Choice ever—by doubling the
data at every level and cutting the cost of extra gigs. On top of that,
families can now get twice as much high-speed data as before—at no extra
cost— when everyone gets extra 4G LTE data. And that’s all on the
nation’s fastest 4G LTE network, now reaching 302 million Americans and

Taken together, today’s moves give Un-carrier customers far more data
that lasts far longer – prompting T-Mobile President and CEO, John
Legere to declare today “Data Day” – the day the company took its
Un-carrier movement to the next level.

“Un-carrier X marks the next step in this revolution, and it is
massive,” said John Legere, President and CEO of T-Mobile. “Today, we’re
not only doubling your data in Simple Choice, we’re making your data
work a lot harder for you! With Binge On, video streams free from 24
streaming services to start, and more to come! Only T-Mobile would find
a way for customers to watch unlimited HBO, Hulu, Netflix, Sling TV and
more…without eating into their LTE data, while the Duopoly is squeezing
consumers with overage fees and over-buying! T-Mobile is un-leashing
entertainment and giving customers exactly what they want!”

Binge On − Watch your shows, not your data
With Binge On, video now
streams free for viewers and subscribers of Crackle, Encore, ESPN, Fox
Sports, Fox Sports Go, HBO Now, HBO Go, Hulu, MLB, Movieplex, NBC
Sports, Netflix, Sling TV, Sling Box, SHOWTIME, STARZ, T-Mobile TV,
Univision Deportes, Ustream, Vessel, Vevo, VUDU—with more streaming
services on the way—without ever touching their 4G LTE data on Simple
Choice plans with extra data. T-Mobile is also including Verizon’s Go90
and AT&T’s DirecTV streaming services in Binge On, so even the Duopoly’s
video services stream without fear of overages.

Binge On is open to any streaming video provider who meets the technical
requirements, which are available online at www.t-mobile.com/bingeon.
And it’s completely free for video streaming providers to join.

“With Binge On, no one pays—not the customers, not the video streaming
services—and everyone wins,” said Legere.

Powered by new technology built in to T-Mobile’s network, Binge On
optimizes video for mobile screens, minimizing data consumption while
still delivering DVD or better quality (e.g. 480p or better). That means
more reliable streaming for services that stream free with Binge On, and
for almost all other video, it means T-Mobile Simple Choice customers
can watch up to three times more video from their data plan. And, as
always, T-Mobile has put customers in total control with a switch to
activate or deactivate Binge On for each line in their My T-Mobile
account. Binge On is all about customer choice.

In addition, T-Mobile is celebrating the launch of Binge On with an
exclusive offer of 30% off a full year’s subscription to Sling
’s “Best of Live TV” package
available to all Simple Choice customers. And those T-Mobile customers
with Unlimited smartphone LTE get a free streaming movie rental every
single month
in 2016 with Binge On.

With mobile video now the #1 way Americans use smartphone data, Binge On
is the Un-carrier’s answer to what today’s customers clearly want most
from wireless. Customers are using nearly two-and-a-half times more of
their wireless data for mobile video in the last two years. But that’s
nothing compared to where we’re headed. According to forecasts, mobile
video usage is poised to surge more than 400% by 2020.

The old carriers are trying to exploit this trend − and their customers
− to line their pockets. For carrier customers, the surge in wireless
video has translated directly into an unprecedented surge in overages.
Together, the carriers are projected to rake in a record $2.4 billion
this year from overage penalties—up a staggering 60% from $1.5 billion
just last year. Roughly one quarter of AT&T and Verizon customers say
they’ve been hit by overages in the last 6 months – that’s twice
as many Verizon customers getting billed for overages compared to just
two years ago. Worse still, the carriers’ overages scare customers into
buying more data each month than they need—only so Verizon and AT&T can
repossess it after 30 or 60 days. American wireless customers waste an
estimated $45 billion annually overbuying wireless data they don’t use.

With T-Mobile, on the other hand, Binge On now unleashes customers to
watch what they want, when they want and on any device they want—without
watching their data.

Simple Choice − Now with double the data
With this explosion in
data usage, a few gigs is just not enough anymore. So, in the biggest
update ever to the company’s wildly popular Simple Choice plan, T-Mobile
is giving families and businesses what they want most by doubling their
high-speed 4G LTE data when everyone gets extra data.

Simple Choice customers still start with one line at just $50 a month
for unlimited data, talk and text on T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G LTE
network. But you’ll now get a full 2GB of 4G LTE data—twice the previous
amount—on each line. As before, customers can still add a second line
for $30 a month−but now with 2GB of 4G LTE data. Additional lines up to
12 are still only $10 per month—but each now come with 2GB of 4G LTE

Of course, Simple Choice customers can add even more 4G LTE data. And
now, when everyone in the family gets extra 4G LTE data, families can
save even more with T-Mobile’s new Family Match. Everyone will get twice
as much data as before at absolutely no extra cost. They can add an
extra 4GB of 4G LTE data (on top of the 2GB included), including mobile
hotspot data, for just $10 more a month on each line, up to a total of
10GB per line. For families who’d rather customize their data by line,
extra data is just $15 a month for each 4GB—compared to $20 a month for
4GB before—a savings of 25% per GB of high-speed data vs. before.

While the Duopoly continues to punish customers on their legacy
unlimited LTE plans, the Un-carrier announced it is doubling down on
Unlimited Smartphone LTE data by doubling the amount of tethered data
included from 7GB to 14GB. And with Binge On, streaming video from
participating services won’t eat into that tethered data.

For businesses, the pain is even worse. Nearly two-thirds of small
businesses (63%) say they’re now being charged overages, and more than
half (52%) of small business limit their employees’ smartphone usage to
prevent overages. With the Duopoly, giving employees a smartphone is
like creating an open-ended tab where employees can run up insane
overages the company has no choice but to pay. With the new Simple
Choice plan unveiled today, businesses get double the LTE data at no
extra cost at T-Mobile, up to a thousand employees. An average small
business with T-Mobile can save 40% compared to AT&T and a full 50%
compared to Verizon for similar services.

And, as always, Simple Choice customers have no annual service
contracts, no domestic overages and no sharing, and they get all the
Un-carrier value the company keeps pouring into the plan – from Simple
Global, Music Freedom and Data Stash to Mobile Without Borders, Wi-Fi
Un-leashed and Binge On.

To celebrate today’s news, T-Mobile is making the fourth line free. Now,
for a limited time, a family of four can get four lines for $120 with
6GB per person (24GB total) – no sharing – at just $30 per line. That’s
an incredible four times the high-speed data you get at Verizon who’ll
charge you $20 more, and almost five times the data at AT&T where you’ll
pay $30 more—$150 for just 5GB your whole family’s gotta share. And now
with Binge On, T-Mobile customers don’t just get 6GB each, they get
unlimited video streaming from popular sites as well.

Binge On and the new Simple Choice plan will be available starting
Sunday, November 15. Existing T-Mobile customers will get Binge On
starting Thursday, November 19. For more information on Binge On, see www.t-mobile.com/bingeon.
For more information on Simple Choice, see www.t-mobile.com/SimpleChoiceplan
or for Simple Choice for business, see: www.t-mobile.com/BusinessSimpleChoicePlan.

T-Mobile Binge On – Streaming Provider Quotes
“This is a
great move for the viewer. Now, Hulu subscribers will be able to access
even more of their favorite shows and characters on the go,” said Tim
Connolly, Senior Vice President, Head of Distribution at Hulu. “T-Mobile
has been a great partner of ours and we are excited to be a part of
their latest move to help make streaming video more easily accessible.”

“T-Mobile’s decision to allow its subscribers to stream
video content without fear of blowing their data caps is a significant
step in the right direction toward eliminating such caps altogether,”
said Bill Holmes, global head of business development. “Making the
program available to big and small video providers gives consumers more
choice and fosters innovation in the fast-growing market for content
delivered via the Internet.”

“Many of our subscribers currently enjoy our programming
through mobile devices that rely on a data plan,” said Tom Christie,
President, Distribution, Business Development and Network Operations,
Showtime Networks Inc. “We’re excited to be able to work with T-Mobile
so our subscribers can watch our award-winning content via our SHOWTIME
stand-alone streaming service or on SHOWTIME ANYTIME without worrying
that they will incur overage charges or hit a data cap.”

“T-Mobile’s attack on video streaming data caps, combined
with Sling TV’s delivery of live TV, including sports, will change the
way Americans embrace television,” said Roger Lynch, CEO of Sling TV.
“This agreement liberates live television: it’s no longer about the
living room — it’s now about where we are. To us, this shift is no less
transformative than when music became mobile.”

“Starz is excited to enter into this new partnership with
T-Mobile, and we look forward to broadening our relationship to bring
other new, exciting offerings to our collective customers in the near
future,” said Jeffrey Hirsch, President, Global Marketing and Product
Planning at Starz. “Binge On is a game-changing program that provides
enormous benefit to both T-Mobile customers and STARZ subscribers who
want to watch our premium originals series and the newest movies on
their wireless devices without running up their monthly data usage.
Binge-watching ‘Power’ and ‘Outlander’ on the road is a worry-free
proposition for T-Mobile customers.”

Video streams at DVD quality (480p+) with Binge On. You may disable
Binge On at any time, but will lose Binge On benefits. Limited time
offers on qualifying plans. Taxes/fees add’l. Video streaming from
included services does not count toward full-speed data allotment on our
network. Third party content and subscription charges may apply.
Once high-speed data allotment is reached, all usage slowed to up to 2G
speeds until end of bill cycle. Up to 30% off selected
subscription; may appear as bill credit or 3rd party
discount. Free movie: one SD rental/mo. on selected service via
30-day promo code; must be in good standing on qualifying Unlimited LTE
plan. Streaming services’ terms and conditions apply. See T-Mobile.com
for details.

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