Tattoo Nation: Documentary Feature Film To Be Released In The Fall

On Thursday, October 11th the premiere for Tattoo Nation,

the first feature length documentary about the revolutionary style of

Black and Grey tattoo art, will be held at the Arclight Theater in

Hollywood. The film traces the origins of tattoo and its explosion into

mainstream culture.

The following week on Thursday, October 18th the film will be

released nationwide and shown at special theatrical screening events in

over sixty cities. Tattoo Nation holds its international

premiere on September 29th in London, England during the

world’s largest tattoo convention.

Incredibly 40% of U.S. adults under 40 years old have at least one

tattoo and it’s estimated that the total number of Americans who have

one or more tattoos is 45 million. Tattoo Nation examines

the concerns of tattoo expression and acceptance, a topic that provokes

intense debate as Gen X and Y age.

The iconic tattooed actor Danny Trejo, star of the cult-classic film Machete

and regular on the TV series Sons of Anarchy, narrates.

Trejo can credit his iconic Black and Grey tattoos with propelling the

success of his acting career. With such an authentic voice, the film

tells the tale of how it all started when Charlie Cartwright and Jack

Rudy boldly opened the first tattoo parlor, Goodtime Charlie’s,

in the heart of East LA’s Chicano community in 1975.

Tattoo Nation presents a streetwise history of the Black

and Grey tattoo style via archival footage, original interviews,

photography and a vibrant music score. The film showcases the journey of

a niche community art form blossoming into a worldwide phenomenon. The

legendary artists, at the forefront of the movement, tell their stories

for the first time. Original interviews include Jack Rudy, Freddy

Negrete, Charlie Cartwright, the iconic Ed Hardy, celebrity

tattooers Mister Cartoon and Mark Mahoney, LA Ink’s Corey

Miller and tattoo legend Kate Hellenbrand, among others.

Visions Verite in Association with Nine Times Entertainment Presents Tattoo

Nation. Directed by Eric Schwartz, Produced by John Corry, Narrated

by Danny Trejo, Written by John Corry and Lee Fulkerson, Co-Producers

David Oropeza and Edgar Hoill, Original Score: Ramon Balcazar, Edited:

James Gustafson and AJ Cies.