“The Key to a Policy in the Middle East is Whether or Not Iran is Going to Have a Nuclear Weapon,” Said Governor Romney in Exclusive to Telemundo News Anchor José Díaz-Balart

During the first exclusive interview granted to a Spanish-language

network since officially accepting the nomination as the Republican

Presidential Candidate, Governor Mitt Romney spoke with Telemundo News

Anchor José Díaz-Balart about the unrest in the Middle East and the

state of the electoral race, as well as his views on immigration, the

economy and US international policy towards Latin America. The exclusive

interview will air today, Monday, September 17, on “Noticiero Telemundo”

(6:30 p.m. ET/PT, 5:30 p.m. CT). An extended version will be broadcast

on the network’s Sunday public affairs show “Enfoque con Jose

Diaz-Balart” this Sunday, September 23, at 12 p.m. ET/PT, 11 a.m. CT as

part of a two episode series with exclusive interviews of the

Presidential candidates. Below are some of the highlights:

About Iran: “I believe that the key to a policy in the Middle

East is whether or not Iran is going to have a nuclear weapon. And Iran

is not far away to having a nuclear weapon. The prime minister of Israel

just said that he believes they will have that capability relatively

soon. That’s the most serious foreign policy, national security threat

America faces, is a nuclear Iran. And, unfortunately, we’re four years

closer to that than when the President took office.”

About Egypt: “Well, he’s [President Obama] wrong. Egypt is an

ally of the United States. It has been for some time. There’s a question

about how we’ll go forward together. And whether under the new

government, Egypt will remain an ally of the United States…. And we’ll

do everything, when I’m President, to assure that Egypt understands its

relationship with the United States is beneficial to them… and have them

understand that to remain an ally of the United States, they must honor

their peace agreement with Israel. They must also protect our embassies.

And they must also protect the rights of minorities within their


About his campaign: “I’ve got a terrific campaign. My senior

campaign people work extraordinarily well together. I work well with

them. Our campaign is doing well…” And when asked about possible

changes: “No, I’ve got a good team.”

About the Deferred Action Plan: “I’m gonna make sure that

we have a permanent solution to help dreamers, to help these young

people who came to this country through no fault of their own, brought

here by their parents. I want them to understand what their permanent

status is. And from the very beginning of my administration, I will work

to put in place legislation that…deals with the major immigration issues

that America faces.”

About Mexico the Drug War and Oil: “If there’s demand, it’s gonna

get produced somewhere. Our job is to help market to our people how bad

it is to use drugs… our young people… need to understand that when they

use drugs…they are in some ways empowering the terrible acts of

violence, including murders… With the new President of Mexico, there

seems to be some openness about maybe sharing technology, perhaps some

investment in the oil sector.. Our relationship with Mexico, with our

North American friends is one of the ingredients that can help North

America achieve energy independence within eight years.”

On the heels of President Obama’s first exclusive first exclusive

interview to a Spanish-language network after accepting his nomination,

Governor Romney´s exclusive interview is part of a series of informative

specials and segments that make up “Decisión 2012” (“Decision 2012), a

Telemundo News initiative that houses all reporting related to the 2012

elections. This initiative has included the complete coverage of the

Presidential Primaries and the Democratic and Republican National

Conventions; the release of the monthly national Latino Telemundo/NBC

News/Wall Street Journal polls, as well as exclusive interviews with the

candidates and key political figures. Recently, NBC News and Telemundo

announced a partnership to deliver an unprecedented number of hours of

political coverage in English and Spanish under the signature banner

“Decision 2012.” Telemundo’s election coverage is complemented by the

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created to raise awareness among the Hispanic population about the

importance of exercising the right to vote.

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