The New Age of Fatherhood Can Impact Conception

The Stork® OTC, the Only FDA-Cleared, Home Conception Device, is
Helping Couples Get Pregnant by Assisting in Sperm Mobility and

PITTSBURGH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–It’s long been thought that females were the only ones with a biological
clock. However, according to research on conception, the average time it
takes to conceive increases five-fold (to two years) for a man who is 40
compared to a man at 25 (with the average of 4.5 months to conception,
controlling for the wife’s age at around 25 in both cases).1 Lower
sperm count and mobility are typically the biggest culprits, so couples
concerned about male age factor fertility issues can turn to the Stork®
, available over-the-counter
and proven to deliver a three times higher concentration of sperm score
value within cervical mucus as compared to what might occur during
natural intercourse.2

The FDA-cleared over-the-counter Stork OTC uses cervical cap
insemination, which includes the collection of sperm in a condom-like
sheath, along with an easy-to-use, tampon-like applicator, to deliver
the sperm more directly to the cervix in order to quickly bypass the
vaginal tract. “This places the sperm as quickly and as close as
possible to the opening of the cervix, right where it needs to be to
swim to the egg,” explains Dr. Michael J. Pelekanos, Board Certified
OB/GYN in Monroeville, PA. “This type of cervical cap insemination has
been used effectively in the professional setting, but now it’s readily
available to couples at home.”

The Stork OTC is available for purchase at select retailers nationwide
and online for the average retail price of $79.99, making it more
accessible and less expensive than other first-line options for couples
trying to conceive. To learn more about how it works, watch the full
video here.
For more information and retailer and online availability, as well as
pregnancy stories, visit

About The Stork Ib2C, Inc., A Rinovum Women’s Health Company

Rinovum Women’s Health is a privately held women’s health company
dedicated to bringing products into the market that will enhance women’s
lives and empower them to take charge of their health. The Stork Ib2C,
Inc., A Rinovum Women’s Health Company, launched its flagship product,
The Stork® OTC, which is a conception device for reproductive health to
assist in natural fertility and conception in the privacy of the
patient’s home. Rinovum Women’s Health aims to support the development
of products that are easy-to-use and safe, as well as a more economical
way for a couple to address some of these issues. For more information
about Rinovum Women’s Health, The Stork Ib2C, Inc., and The Stork OTC,



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