The Show Might Go On… Satirical Comedy Series “NIGHTCAP” to Premiere on Pop Wednesday, November 16

A Hilarious Poke at Late Night Television Stars Ali Wentworth as a
Lead Talent Booker Who Wrangles A-List Celebrities Each Week in a
10-Episode Original Scripted Series from Lionsgate

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Diving into one of the most watched, digitally shared and talked about
genres of entertainment—late night television—Pop teams up with
Lionsgate, producer/actress Ali Wentworth (“In Living Color,” “Head
Case,” “It’s Complicated,” “Office Space”) and showrunners Tom Brunelle
and Brad Wollack (“Chelsea Lately,” “After Lately,” “The Comedy Get
Down”) to bring viewers a scripted, culture-commentary comedy series
NIGHTCAP premiering on Wednesday, November 16 at
8:00 p.m.
, ET/PT.

NIGHTCAP is a laugh at itself, satirical look at the late night
landscape set behind-the-scenes of a fictitious show “Nightcap with
Jimmy” where every week, A-list celebrities stop by as they would on any
real-life talk show—only this time, viewers get an exaggerated look at
the hilarity backstage. Guest starring this season on NIGHTCAP are:
Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, Paul Rudd, Kelly Ripa, Debra
Messing, Whoopi Goldberg, George Stephanopoulos, Denis Leary, Michael J.
Fox, Mario Batali, Wendy Williams, Nate Berkus, Jason Biggs, Andy Cohen,
Mark Cuban, Mark Consuelos, Jim Gaffigan, Janeane Garofalo, GiGi
Gorgeous, Tim Gunn, Mariska Hargitay, Stephanie March, Jim Norton, Rosie
Perez, Joel Schumacher, and Beth Stern.

Insanity, absurdity and urgency reign backstage at “Nightcap with Jimmy”
and it’s up to head talent booker Staci (Ali Wentworth) to wrangle her
dysfunctional staff, as well as the myriad of celebrities who bring
their quirks, diva demands and peculiar antics each week.

“I’m not saying this just because I created and star in the show, but
the series is hilarious and Ali Wentworth is phenomenal!” says Wentworth.

NIGHTCAP on Pop will include the following episodes:


Celebrity publicist, Malik, needs to find a surrogate for her clients Kelly
and Mark Consuelos, and Staci puts Penny up for the job. Sarah
Jessica Parker
forms an unlikely bond with a member of the Nightcap


Gwyneth Paltrow surprises everyone by being a serial thief and
overall filthy woman, leading to a confrontation with fellow guest, Jim
. Jimmy’s dog Monty moves into the office, and famous interior
decorator Nate Berkus comes to design an office suitable for late
night dog royalty.


Staci has to convince a reluctant Michael J. Fox to be shot out
of a cannon on the show. Jim Gaffigan does everything in his
power to hawk his new energy drink, EnerrJesus, on Nightcap.


Todd uses questionable means to persuade Nightcap guest, Debra Messing,
to make a video for him in character as “Grace.” Meanwhile, Tim Gunn
pops by the studio claiming Jimmy asked him to come in for an impromptu
appearance on the show, forcing the staff to juggle Jimmy’s wishes with
the scheduled guest, a sloth.


Transgender personality, GiGi Gorgeous, is a guest and Staci has
to convince her to go on a date with Jimmy. Ana is pitching her makeup
line and wants Stephanie March to be her new spokesmodel, with
unpleasant consequences.


Famed chef, Mario Batali, tries to aide Staci as she struggles
through a horrible bout of IBS. George Stephanopoulos schools
Penny on ISIS, an organization she is worried is trying to recruit her.


A lice outbreak at Nightcap forces the whole staff to be treated. But
when Whoopi Goldberg arrives for her Nightcap appearance, she
thinks the staff’s “treatment” hairstyles are racist, and Staci must
decide which is a worse admission – that Nightcap is racist, or has a
filthy lice infestation. Booked guest Denis Leary calls in sick,
but Staci isn’t having it.


Everyone on Nightcap is excited to have Jason Biggs on, but it
turns out he’s become a completely different person since the last time
he was on the show. Beth Stern has brought kittens that are
available for adoption to promote the North Shore Animal League, but
there is a problem when one goes missing.


Jimmy starts a GoFundMe to make a biopic about himself, and Staci’s job
is to get Nightcap guest, Paul Rudd, attached to play “Jimmy.” Wendy
is also on the show and bonds with an unlikely person over
her wig collection.


Staci interviews for an Executive Producer position at Wendy Williams
and seriously considers leaving Nightcap. Mariska Hargitay has
agreed to be eaten by an anaconda on air, and Todd gets to direct his
first shoot starring Rosie Perez—until Joel Schumacher

NIGHTCAP is produced by Lionsgate Television, Dakota Pictures and Trout
the Dog Productions. Wentworth, Tom Brunelle (“Chelsea Lately,” “After
Lately”) and Brad Wollack (“Chelsea Lately,” “After Lately”) of Free 90
Media, Troy Miller (Lionsgate Television’s “Deadbeat,” “Flight of the
Conchords”), and Lydia Tenaglia, Chris Collins and Craig Shepherd
of Zero Point Zero Production serve as Executive Producers.


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