The Sugar Goblin is a Halloween Family Tradition Celebrating the Fun of Tricks for Treats

Crystal and Michael Boyle co- founders of The
Sugar Goblin
and parents of 4 young
children provide families a fun way to limit a child’s intake of sugar
from trick or treating

Sugar Goblin
 is a plush toy, storybook and family tradition that
brings the spirit of fun and trickery back to Halloween. With parents’
help, the littlest Goblin does tricks for treats, inspiring kids to
exchange candy for fun pranks and gifts. The Boyles, parents of 4 young
children came up with the idea for The
Sugar Goblin
when they realized their
children collected more candy than they should eat on Halloween. “Like
the majority of parents,” Crystal said, “we wanted to limit the amount
of Halloween candy eaten by our children and we loved the idea of
extending the Halloween holiday tradition with a loveable Goblin who
plays magical tricks throughout the house.”

Sugar Goblin
story is one of tricks for treats. The story entices
children to trade their candy to save the Sugar Goblins who eat candy to
survive. Families invite a Sugar Goblin into their home prior to
Halloween and kids are surprised by the tricks the little Goblin plays.
Kids love this Halloween tradition of pranks, jokes and fun.

Parents organize Sugar Goblin tricks, such as hanging pictures upside
down on the wall, or making faces on plates out of breakfast food. Each
day kids seek out the Sugar Goblin at the scene of a new trick. In
exchange for The Sugar Goblin’s tricks, children volunteer to give up
some of the candy they collect on Halloween to help feed the Sugar
Goblin village. As a show of appreciation, parents leave behind a gift
for the children, on behalf of a Sugar Goblin, in exchange for the candy.

Create a new family tradition of Halloween trickery in your home. The
Sugar Goblin
storybook is packaged with
a lovable Sugar Goblin plush toy and is available for $29.99 at Amazon,
and in specialty toy stores. Learn more about The Sugar Goblin at:
or on Facebook.
Create a new family tradition of Halloween trickery in your home!


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