Time for a check-up: GEICO says your homeowners insurance policy should keep pace with your lifestyle

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A lot could have changed since you last checked your homeowners
insurance policy. In the course of a year, you may have started a home
business, purchased a Smart TV or even added a new pool in the backyard.

Any adjustments to your lifestyle can affect your homeowners
coverage. GEICO says a homeowners insurance check-up
ensures that your policy coverage keeps pace with your lifestyle.

Take an inventory of items in your home

If someone stole a Smart TV or other high-end electronic devices from
your home, are you prepared to replace them? Do you have the product
names and serial numbers on file? Do you know the cost of each item if
you had to file a claim? Take an inventory (video and photographs) of
your home’s personal property. It will help you gain a better
understanding of the costs associated with replacing your stuff if it’s
ever stolen or damaged.

How much coverage should I have?

You might need additional homeowners insurance coverage and not even
realize it. Take an assessment of what’s important to you and what’s
worth protecting. Carefully review your coverage limits, personal
liability protection, replacement costs and deductibles. This will give
you a better indication of the types of coverage you will need and will
also help you determine the appropriate coverage amount on your policy.

Do I need any special coverage?

If you have purchased luxury items such as jewelry, collectibles or fine
art, you may need to obtain special insurance coverage that provides
protection not available on a typical homeowners insurance policy. The
more information you have about your policy’s standard exclusions and
coverage limits, the better prepared you will be to protect the actual
property in your home.

Your policy should reflect your individual needs

Your new backyard pool is the rave of the neighborhood. But have you
thought about the financial risk if someone slips and falls and decides
to sue you? With any changes to your home, it’s important to make sure
that your policy coverage limits are up-to-date and reflect your current
lifestyle needs. This will ensure that your home is well protected and
that you are shielded from any liability on your property.

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