Time Inc.’s People en Español Reveals Findings from Exclusive Workplace Study: Latina@Work

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–At 80%, an overwhelming majority of Latina women surveyed feel that
expressing cultural identity is important in the workplace, according to Latina@Work—an
exclusive study jointly commissioned by Time Inc.’s (NYSE: TIME) People
en Español in partnership with Lieberman Research Worldwide.

People en Español surveyed nearly 1,000 women to uncover how Latinas,
who are experiencing more professional and educational growth than ever
before, are modulating two opposing versions of themselves. As
trailblazers among their families, they are simultaneously breaking
cultural barriers and managing cultural expectations, which results in a
feeling of “otherness” both at work and at home.

Results from the Latina@Work study underscore how today’s Latina
is living in two worlds, struggling between two identities yet yearning
for the opportunity to “just be herself.”

Key findings are as follows:

  • 80% agreed with the statement, “At work, I want to be seen as who I
    really am, including being Latina.”
  • 51% of Latinas indicate they are the first in their family to go to
    college (vs. 38% of non-Hispanic Caucasian women).
  • 31% of Latinas say, “I must dress more conservatively than my
    co-workers in order to be taken seriously” (vs. 21% of non-Hispanic
    Caucasian women).
  • 35% of Latinas say, “The way I style my hair impacts how successful I
    am at work” (vs. 25% of non-Hispanic Caucasian women).
  • 69% of Latinas say, “I am primarily responsible for the cooking in my
    family” (vs. 78% of non-Hispanic Caucasian women, indicating how
    cultural expectations are undergoing a shift).

“Our Latina@Work study highlights new insights depicting the
struggle faced by today’s Latinas as they battle disparate perceptions,
overwhelming stereotypes and pre-conceived notions in a corporate
environment,” said People en Español Brand Sales Director Monique Manso.
“The study lays the foundation for a critical conversation among
corporations and brands around the success, equality and inclusion of
Latinas in the workplace.”

The qualitative research included expert interviews with leading
clinical psychologists, 10 in-depth interviews with women from around
the country (New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, and Charlotte)
representing a cross-section of Hispanic heritage (Mexican, Puerto
Rican, Chilean, Honduran, Cuban and Dominican), as well as various
professional backgrounds. The quantitative portion of the study included
surveys with nearly 1,000 women, ages 25-54, comprising of Hispanic and
non-Hispanic Caucasian women and People en Español subscribers.

“Our research took a deep look into the pain and passion points of the
Latina professional and her personal mindsets, exploring her motivations
and barriers to success,” noted Lieberman Research Worldwide General
Manager and Executive Vice President Stephen Palacios. “We found that
despite the feeling of ‘otherness’ faced by today’s Latinas—balancing
traditions and new aspirations—they remain the steadfast drivers of
educational, professional and entrepreneurial growth in the United
States. These insights provide forward-looking organizations the
opportunity to help demystify the stereotypes, reconcile these tensions
and reframe their diversity and inclusion strategies.”

Now through the end of the year, People en Español will be taking this
industry-leading research on the road—targeting chief diversity
officers, government officials and community leaders of major
organizations, including brands, nonprofit organizations and
governmental institutions.

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