TomTom Delivers HAD Map for All Highways in Germany

~ Enables robust automated vehicle testing in region known for HAD
development leadership ~

(TOM2) today announces the industry’s first commercial launch of an HAD
Map for a complete country. TomTom’s HAD Map of Germany, covering the
complete Autobahn network, provides a 3D lane map for 24,000 kilometers
of roads. By delivering this highly accurate border-to-border model of
the road, TomTom’s HAD Map enables a self-driving vehicle to see beyond
its sensors.

“We believe that our ability to deliver a HAD Map for Germany
demonstrates both the power of our mapmaking engine and our continued
commitment to meeting the needs of the automotive market,” said Antoine
Saucier, Managing Director, TomTom Automotive. “As leaders in technology
innovation, TomTom is excited about the role that we are playing in
making highly automated driving a reality.”

The TomTom HAD Map for the highway network in Germany provides a highly
accurate and realistic representation of the roadway, including the
following map features/attributes:

  • 3D geometries of lane centerlines, lane dividers, road borders, and
    guard rails
  • Lane-dependent speed limits and lane divider marking types

Together these advanced map features extend the range of view for the
vehicle while supporting smoother, safer, and more efficient driving
scenarios. In addition to enabling future self-driving cars to see
beyond their sensors, the TomTom HAD map can also be used for advanced
driving applications like improved versions of eco-adaptive cruise
control (ACC), lane level guidance, and predictive powertrain control.


Notes to editors:

  • The TomTom HAD Map for Germany is available in XML and Shapefile format
  • The TomTom HAD Map covers all net2class 0 roads in Germany (24,000 km)

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