Treasures Files Lawsuit for Violations Against First Amendment Rights by City of Houston

D. Houston, Inc., owner of Treasures Houston Club, filed a

lawsuit in the U.S. District Court alleging Nirja Sharma Aiyer, Senior

Assistant City Attorney and Matthew Dexter, a Houston Police Officer

violated its First Amendment rights and alleges a gross disregard of its

due process rights.

In the eighteen-page lawsuit, Casey Wallace, attorney for D. Houston,

Inc., documents many instances of purported misconduct by the police

department and the city attorney’s office. Treasures, the club

owned by D. Houston Inc., has been raided by the City of Houston Police

Department repeatedly, making Treasures a leading target for

alleged harassment for over a decade.

A cursory review of public records shows that the City has maintained a

decade long campaign of alleged harassment against Treasures. For

example the lawsuit documents 141 arrests of entertainers at Treasures

on trumped-up charges—trumped-up evidenced by the fact that 130 of the

cases were dismissed and the 11 remaining resulted in acquittals.

D. Houston, Inc., through its attorney, Mr. Wallace states, “This is an

action for money damages, declaratory judgment and injunctive relief for

violations of equal protection, due process and free speech for

conspiracy to interfere with civil rights and obstruction of justice.”

Treasures employs more than 1100 Houston residents and pays

considerable taxes to the city and the state as a result of its