True Results Announces Retinol Active Skincare System

Reverses Signs of Aging with Six New Easy-to-Use Products

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–True Results™, a BIOTONE company, introduces the True
Results Retinol Active Skincare System
to start reducing the signs
of aging. The skincare system brings the anti-aging benefits of Retinol
in a Retinol Active System with six new easy-to- use products formulated
to decrease fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration associated with
natural skin aging.

Clinical studies1 have proven that Retinol increases collagen
production, hydration, and skin firmness to even skin tone and
diminishes the appearance of fine lines and coarse wrinkles. It also
makes enlarged pores appear smaller. The True Results Retinol Active
Skincare System features three Retinol Active-based products and three
additional products to help maintain the benefits offered by the
anti-aging ingredient.

“I wanted to offer women an affordable anti-aging skincare system that
does what it claims to do,” said Jean Shea, True Results founder and
president. “Many products promise a lot, but provide limited or no
results. With our Retinol Active Skincare System from the new True
Results Company, women can enjoy the anti-aging benefits of Retinol,
which normally are associated with higher-priced Retinol skincare

True Results Retinol Active Skincare Products

Retinol Active Skincare System uses breakthrough TruSR technology, which
combines maximum levels of active Retinol with patented hydrators making
it highly effective, yet gentle.

The True Results System includes three Retinol Active products. True
Results Retinol Night Cream is available in either Retinol maximum
strength 1% Active or .5% Active to enhance skin tone, texture and
resiliency while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
True Results Retinol Eye Serum with Retinol Active .25% reduces the
appearance of fine lines around the eyes. It is formulated for sensitive

In addition to the Retinol Active products, the new skincare system
includes True Results Face Cream, an ultimate moisturizer that offers
long-lasting hydration and helps restore the skin’s moisture balance.
True Results Sunblock SPF50 hydrates and protects the skin from sun
damage. True Results Facial Cleanser is plant based with a lipid
enhancer. It gently cleanses while retaining the lipid layer barrier to
improve skin tone and texture.

Pricing and Availability

True Results products are available now online
in the following sizes and prices:

  • True Results Facial Cleanser (3.5 ounces) $29.50
  • True Results Sunblock SPF50 (1.5 ounces) $39.50
  • True Results Face Cream (1.5 ounces) $49.00
  • True Results Retinol Eye Serum .25% (1 ounce) $67.00
  • True Results Retinol Night Cream 1% (1.5 ounces) $89.00
  • True Results Retinol Night Cream .5% (1.5 ounces) $79.00

Age Reverse Starter Kit with Auto Fill

Get started with the Age Reverse Starter Kit containing trial sizes of
Facial Cleanser, Retinol Night Cream .5% and Sunblock SPF50 for $39.95.
In 30 days and continuing every 60-days after the first shipment, you’ll
receive a full-sized Age Reverse Kit containing the Facial Cleanser,
Retinol Night Cream .5% and Sunblock SPF50 at the True Member reduced
price of $133.20 (reg. price $148.00) with free shipping.

About True Results

True Results, a BIOTONE
company, with headquarters in San Diego, Calif., was established to
bring the benefits of Retinol to women in easy-to-use skincare products
with a moderate price point.

As women age, skin loses collagen, becoming thinner, less hydrated and
uneven in skin tone. Retinol has been proven to help reverse these key
signs of skin aging. True Results skincare products are based on
research that proves when Retinol is present in a cosmetic product at a
certain level, the skin is directly affected and the results are visibly

For more information about True Results products, visit
or call 800-445-6457.

1 Kafi R, Kwak HR, Schumacher WE, et al. Improvement of
Naturally Aged Skin With Vitamin A (Retinol). Arch Dermatol. 2007;143(5):606-612.


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